My Yukon Life Interview with Canada eh Travel & Adventure

Last week Greg Girard of the Canada eh Travel & Adventure Network (ehCanadaTravel.com) enjoyed a lengthy telephone interview with Jennifer Hawks of “My Yukon Life”.

It was an opportunity to talk tourism and discuss the whats, wheres, whys and whens of Yukon travel and the benefits of planning travel on our Yukon EH Travel Website (Yukon, Canada).

Link to podcast interview : http://www.myyukonlife.com/podcasts/episode-70-canada-eh-tourism-travel-websites/

“My Yukon Life” is a podcast radio format interviewing various tourism, historical and adventure individuals who live, work and play in the Yukon Territories in Northern Canada.

The podcast is a great form of information to educate oneself on the geography, life style, cultures and traditions of the Yukon.

We encourage every traveler who is planning a visit to the Yukon Territories to refer to the My Yukon Life podcasts as they are a valuable source of information for planning a trip to the northern region.

Link to : “My Yukon Life” website : http://www.myyukonlife.com

The radio podcast is a half hour show available online featuring a special guest every week including such characters as bush plan pilots, ice road truckers, First Nation elders, musicians, historians, artists, dog sled mushers,  explorers and tourism experts like the two brothers at Canada eh Travel & Adventure.

Your host is Jennifer Hawks. Jennifer arrived in the Yukon in 1997. Her love affair with the Yukon region was immediate and life changing. She soon found herself  hooked on the north.

Through the years Jennifer would continue to make trips to the north of Canada exploring all regions including the Arctic Circle and the Northwest Territories. Jennifer soon moved to the north and took up permanent residence.

Since her move to the Yukon Jennifer has published over 70 radio podcasts online sharing her guest’s stories with people from all around the globe. In 2003 Jennifer enrolled for pilot lessons so she could explore and interview the Yukon from the ground and from the air.

We enjoyed talking tourism with Jennifer and we encourage all to subscribe to her podcasts and to like her Facebook page.

Colin & Greg Girard wish Jennifer and My Yukon Life every success and look forward to talking Yukon tourism and adventure with Jennifer again in the near future. Maybe next time we can talk about the Northwest Territories… you never now.

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