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Chadburn Lake

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Chadburn Lake

Chadburn Lake is a recreation destination located in the community of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada. The lake is part of a protected Greenbelt Park Reserve. The Greenbelt Reserve is a top destination for many summer and winter activities when in the Whitehorse region.

Chadburn Lake photo galleryThe reserve includes and protects Chadburn, Schwatka, Chadden, Ear, the Hidden Lakes, Miles Canyon and Grey Mountain, as well as, a portion of the Yukon River. The Yukon River and the many lakes in the reserve are connected by a series of wagon roads and recreation trails. Throughout the reserve are day use sites, picnic shelters, warming huts, historic sites, recreation trails, viewpoints and interpretive signs.

Chadburn Lake is a day use park with recreation trails. There is a picnic shelter, canoe cabin, picnic tables, small pebbled beach and pit toilets. There is a pier and a rooftop boat launch for canoeing and fishing (no power boats). There are recreation trails for hiking, mountain biking and cross country skiing. No camping or fires in park. The lake is stocked with trout.

There are four Chadburn Lake Trails. There is the Blue (11.8 Kilometres) Trail, Red (4.3 Kilometres) Trail, Green (4 kilometres) Trail and the Yellow (8.3 kilometres) Trail. Each with different elevation gains and terrain.

The trailhead to all four trails is located near the Schwatka Lake boat launch in a xc ski parking lot on Chadburn Lake Road. Make a note that the trailheads are not in the Day Use Park parking lot section of Chadburn Lake. However you can access the Blue Trail from the Day Use Park which connects to Chadden Lake and Hidden Lakes Trails.

The Red Trail follows the same lines as Chadburn Road and then loops back along the banks of the Yukon River. The trail route explores a pine and aspen tree forest providing views of the Yukon River and basalt cliffs. The trail follows the same route as the historic Macauley's Tramway.

The Green and Yellow Trails explore more of a forest terrain and thus experience bigger elevation gains and rougher trails. The Yellow Trail connects with the Hidden Lakes Trail system and provides views of Schwatka Lake and Miles Canyon. The Green Trail is a loop trail exploring through mostly pine and aspen forest.

The Blue Trail connects to Chadburn Lake and Chadden Lake. The trail explores along ridges, through forest and marsh areas. The route leads to the shores of the lake and provides views of the nearby mountains. The Blue Trail loops back to the parking lot. Time to complete the adventure takes from 3 -5 hours depending on how long you spend at the lakes and the fitness levels of your group.

The trails in the Greenbelt Reserve Park are well signed with trail markers mostly posted on trees. There are also colored flag markers but they are inconsistent.

Some of the wildlife in the Chadburn Lake area includes loons, ducks, bats and of course fish.


Chadburn Lake
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