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EH? Travel Talk Show – May 2020 – Canada Talk Show

canadian talk show

EH? Travel Talk Show – May 2020

Tourism Update 4.0 : Covid-19

Great time to learn. Special Guests Discuss Tourism Resiliency, Community Marketing, Entertainment, Guiding, Campground Tourism and much more.

  eh/ canada travel talk show

Our hit show, EH? Travel Talk Show, is getting some attention from some influential people online. And based on feedback from travelers and some of you out there, our little show is proving to be a very helpful tool in navigating tourism during the COVID19 era!

Not to mention, the big plus for us and our advertisers, is the increased traffic the show is driving to our ehCanadaTravel.com website!

The EH? Travel Talk Show airs every Tuesday night for 1 hour on our @ehcanadatravel Facebook page and it is live! Come and join the discussion or just sit back and listen. To keep the ball rolling, we have listed below the links to our May video interviews in case you missed them. Also below is a heads up on our impressive June line up of special guests so you can tune in and learn, participate or just watch.

EH? Travel Talk Show Special Guest Summary (May)

– Community Tourism During COVID 19 – 

Carolyn Childs, futurist, strategist and founder of MyTravelResearch.com is our guest on the “EH? Travel Talk Show”. Carolyn shares her insight on tourism resiliency, industry marketing, future trends, and traveler habits, as well as, some community and small business advice moving forward in COVID 19 “Do not be afraid to fail”. Great information and some fun Canada-Aussie banter to boot.


– Event and Entertainment Tourism – 

Canadian Country Music StarKenny Hess – You heard it first here on the EH? Travel Talk Show, Country Music Artist Kenny Hess plays one of his new songs to close out the show! Country Music Hall of Famer Kenny Hess is our guest on the EH? Travel Talk Show. We discuss his award winning country music career, the event and entertainment industry, the state of country music now and post COVID19, and the future of the Rockin River Music Festival.


– Guiding and Tours Tourism –

Book Publisher, Certified Guide and Outdoor Advocate Lynda Pianosi – We talk tours and guiding industry, book publishing, and outdoor forestry schooling and education in the #COVID19 era with Canadian book publisher “Take a Hike with your Children” and recognized hiking guide Lynda Pianosi of Three Mountain Family Hikes from Canmore Alberta on our EH? Travel Talk Show.


– Campground and RV Tourism –

Owner of Canyon Creek Campground, Campground Advocate & British Columbia Lodging and Campground Association Board Member – Merv Harvey – Merv provides insight into the re opening of campgrounds in British Columbia Canada. He shares his passion for campgrounds, his guests and the challenges facing the tourism industry.


Month of June Guests

Canada talk show

June 2020 Line Up of Guests for EH? Travel Talk Show

Every Tuesday at 7 PM (pst) we broadcast live from self isolation on our EH? Travel Talk Show through our eh Canada Travel Facebook Page. Please follow us at @ehcanadatravel.

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Canadian Travel Influencer post by : Greg Girard

eh canada travel - small and rural community consultant

Small Town Canada Community Consultant / Co Founder at eh Canada Travel

Greg Girard is a co founding brother of the award winning adventure and travel website and blog ehCanadaTravel.com. Greg is also a top ranked Canadian travel blogger who enjoys public speaking, and working with as many small and rural Canadian communities as possible. Greg is an avid outdoor enthusiasts and amateur photographer who enjoys backpacking, road trips, wilderness camping, snowboarding and what he calls hacking (what others would call golf).

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FEATURED ON: CBC, Canada.com, Huffington Post, Nature Conservancy of Canada, TravelTV.com, Travel Industry Today, Cottage Life Magazine, Yukon Life, TAPS Magazine, HUB Magazine and many community publications.

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