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Our 2019 Travel Wish List – 5 Places To Go This Year In Canada

2019 Travel Wish List

2019 Travel Wish List

5 Places To Go This Year In Canada

“We have covered all of Canada using good-ole fashion rubber-tire and hiking boot technology. “

When creating our 2019 travel wish list we have to take many things into consideration. We are not nearly as fortunate as our deep-pocket government DMOs and RTOs. We cannot afford, nor want to, spend $15 for a glass of orange juice and have a 10 person entourage stay in a resort at $400 a room like our government tourism counterparts. No we tent it, RV it and drink tap water. We call it boots-on-the-ground tourism. Every penny counts around here. We have to be selective on where we go (if we can go), when we go and how long we stay. Hence, why we have a travel wish list. 

Good news is that more and more tourism businesses across the country are registering online with us as every day. They are beginning to clue in that there are good Canadian-made options out there. I mean come-on… starting at $69 a year, not to join is just ridiculous.  

We have covered all of Canada using good-ole fashion rubber-tire and hiking boot technology. Every day we are posting new information on our website to assist you in planning and booking a fun-filled adventure. We have researched 99% of Canada and, that 1% … well… it was just out of our reach at that time for many different reasons.

Below we have posted our 2019 Travel Wish List which includes 5 places to go to this year in Canada. 

Canmore Alberta - Travel Wish List

Ha Ling Trail – Canmore Alberta

(1) Canmore, Alberta

Yes, everybody has heard of Banff, Alberta and Banff National Park. But what you should know is that Kananaskis Country and Canmore, Alberta is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and provides as many thrills and experiences as Banff without the large crowds. But that is slowly changing so act quick.

The mountain community of Canmore is just 26 kilometres south of Banff and acts as a great “base-camp” for day trips and wilderness adventures to Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper Alberta. Kananaskis Country is a vast playground highlighted by bare-knuckle parks and aspiring hiking trails. Start local and explore the Grassi Lakes Trail and, for those experienced in high altitude hiking, the Ha Ling Trail.

Looking for some rough and rugged travel wish list adventures? Kananaskis Country is blessed with great backcountry parks like the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park and the Spray Valley Provincial Park. Buckle up and explore them on foot, bike or horseback. If you want to sightsee then take a drive through the parks. Some advice. Have your finger on the camera button as you, most likely, will come across some wildlife.

Yellowknife NWT - 2019 Travel Wish List

Cameron Falls – Yellowknife NWT

(2) Yellowknife, NWT

Yellowknife and the journey getting to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories is a must-do repeat for us. The whole journey is a wish list item. It all starts with accessing the territory. One time we entered from the British Columbia end via the back door along a rough gravel road called the Liard Highway. Then on another trip we entered from Alberta on a paved highway leading pass some amazing waterfalls. The highway name? What else, The Waterfall Highway. 

What else got our mojo going. How about driving the highway and coming across a heard of free roaming Buffalo. Yup, some were passed out suntanning in the middle of the road and some were out for a daily stroll walking along the shoulder of the highway. Big, powerful beasts followed by a cloud of flies. Their tails doubling as fly swatters, some hits and some misses, but always swatting.

There were so many highlights in the Northwest Territories like the Pilots Monument, Cameron Falls Trail and walking on the Canadian Shield. It is true, it is like walking on the moon. Then there was the Fishing Highway just outside of Yellowknife. We went fishing and with every hook we set into the lake waters, we pulled up a fish.  We would like to think it was technique, but we have never fished that well before. So we cannot take the credit.

I guess no post about Yellowknife is complete without mentioning Great Slave Lake. Home to many adventures. If there was one regret I guess it would be we did not get to see the Northern Lights from a Northwest Territories perspective. That will change and stay tuned for that eye candy blogging.

Polar Bear - Churchill Manitoba

Polar Bear – Churchill Manitoba

(3) Churchill , Manitoba

How can you not want to see more and more polar bears and narwhal whales? We would do anything for a trip to see, experience and talk about Churchill, Manitoba with these two magnificent wildlife species showing us the way. Package us up inside suitcases, strap us to your snowmobile bumper, or drop us from a plane into Churchill… and we would be OK with that.

Churchill, Manitoba is one place we would like to spend more time in and stay awhile. How cool would it be to have a kitchen party with the locals after a long day taking pictures of the geography and wildlife. We are not picky either because we would love to explore in both the summer and winter. Seasons do not phase us, but over populated attractions where we play “elbow tag” with strangers is never a big thing on our lists. However, when you package an adventure as remote, wild and barren as Churchill is we are all in! 

To get to Churchill, Manitoba there are two civilized ways to get there (not like we proposed above). Dropping us out of planes might hurt a bit, right? One can arrive in Churchill without bumps and bruises by train or plane. Take your pick. I do believe you even may be able to get there by ice road but I am not sure of that? If you know please feel free to comment below.

Bottom line for us is that it is all about creating polar bear and narwhal whale memories. It is on our bucket list and we will keep you in the loop when we knock that one out of the park.

Icebergs - Twillingate Newfoundland

Icebergs – Twillingate Newfoundland

(4) Twillingate, Newfoundland

Icebergs, lighthouses, towering rock cliffs, holes-in-the-wall and hiking trails. One of the few communities in Canada which exceeded our expectations with an over-abundance of beautiful scenery and one of a kind hiking trails.

The “Iceberg Capital of Canada” is self explanatory. These floating behemoths are amazing to watch as they float by.  Each iceberg is perfectly carved out by the winds, rain and oceans. Underneath, the other 90% of the iceberg, is left to our imagination. Many of you know our imagination can go wild at times too. 

As co-founder Colin Girard once said, “Icebergs are Mother Nature’s sculptures.”

We went to Twillingate for icebergs but came out with so much more. Where the shock-value really set in was when we discovered a vast variety of wickedly cool hiking trails in and around Twillingate, including Durrell, Newfoundland. We discovered amazing views, lookouts, holes-in-the-walls, secluded beaches, rocky cliffs and lighthouses. Here is the kicker. There were no crowds when we went. Zippo! We had paradise all to ourselves. Yes, we will go again in a heartbeat. We have to now as it is on our travel wish list. 

Nunavut Polar Bear

(photo credit) travel2unlimited

(5) Nunavut

Canada’s 13th province and territory is remote, beautiful, vast, filled with wildlife and uncharted eye candy. This is everything we want in an adventure destination. To fill our heads with Nunavut experiences is definitely a wish list item.

How can one not want to visit? It is Canada’s youngest territory and it is home to arctic wildlife, Inuit traditions and cultures, polar bears, icebergs, glaciers, waterfalls and, of course, the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). Need we say more. 

Then there are the unique adventures of Nunavut which only Nunavut and its landscapes and seascapes can provide. Sure these activities can be enjoyed elsewhere but life is different up north. Some of the adventures with our names scribbled all over them include winter camping, snowmobiling, wildlife watching, dog sledding, hiking, and ocean kayaking.

When exploring this most northern section of Canada one would have to explore deep into some of the parks. Top of our wish list are the Auyuittuq National Park, Ukkusiksalik National Park, Inuujaarvik Territorial Park, Northwest Passage Trail and the Iqalugaarjuup Nunanga Territorial Park. We can never get enough of parks which wildlife outnumbers humans.

Conclusion – Our Thoughts

May your wish list be as grand as ours and, more importantly, may they become reality for you in 2019. We are going to try very hard to accomplish ours. Follow our travel bulletin board on our website and social media pages so you can watch as it all unfolds.

Our 2019 Travel Wish List – 5 Places To Go This Year In Canada

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  1. Patricia Wright
    Patricia Wright says:

    Halifax Nova Scotia. What an awesome place. Great Towns, old & nea. Beautiful scenery with beautiful people. Lots of history, places to go. Halifax has it all & then some.

  2. Melvina White
    Melvina White says:

    There is no reason to leave Canada for adventure when we have everything you need in our own back yard. These 5 stops look like they would be an incredible adventure that would inspire today and define tomorrow.

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