Alberta Travel Newsletter-December 20th – 26th, 2015

Alberta Travel & Tourism Newsletter

Alberta  Travel For December 20th – 26th, 2015

Alberta Travel #1:  Alberta plans to push for more tourism in national parks in 2016.
“A low Canadian dollar has opened a window of travel opportunity that Alberta plans to take full advantage of, says Tourism Minister David Eggen.” CTV News

Alberta Travel #2:  Year in Review:The deep connection Edmonton has with the Royal Alberta Museum.
“I spent two weeks in late November researching and writing the story of the museum’s impending closure at the Glenora site and discovered it has a special place in Edmonton’s heart.” Edmonton Journal

Alberta Travel #3:  Booming butler business leads training program to Alberta’s Azuridge Estate Hotel. “International students flying into tiny Priddis from as far away as Azerbaijan and Qatar will, among other things, learn the discretion required to fold panties from the suitcase of a macho client.” The Globe and Mail

Alberta Travel #4:  Alberta Ballet’s opulent Nutcracker sets don’t travel light. “When Alberta Ballet’s opulent production of The Nutcracker arrives here, it won’t be by snowy sleigh ride or on the wings of sugarplum fairies. No, the practical matter is the massive, $1.5-million production travels by trucks.” The Straight

Alberta Travel #5:  Alberta’s rising stars of television and film. “Alberta has no shortage of talent when it comes to film and television and 2015 was a year when a number of artists stood out, both in front of and behind the camera. ” Calgary Herald

Alberta Travel #6: CENTURY OLD ENGINE FINDS A NEW HOME IN ALBERTA. “A few years ago, he got wind of a very large, oil-fired engine in the bush northeast of Atikokan, at the old Sawbill – Upper Seine gold mine site.” Atikokan Progress

Alberta Travel #7:  Give a local travel experience for a gift worth remembering this holiday. “Kids want gifts, I get it. Everyone else on your list quite possibly has too much stuff already (I’m looking at you, dear sister-in-law). As I’m sure you’re well aware, the buzz always wears off your latest purchase, but the memories made through shared experiences last a whole lot longer. That’s why this Christmas, I’m recommending local travel experiences.” Calgary Herald


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