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In Canmore, Alberta, Canada, located just west of the village, is a popular hiking trail and rock climbing destination called the Grassi Lakes Trail.

Canmore Park Photo GalleryCanmore's Grassi Lakes Trail is a 4 kilometre loop hiking route providing views of waterfalls, turquoise spring fed lakes, pictographs and the community of Canmore. The trail was made popular by and dedicated to, long time local resident, Lawrence Grassi.

There are two one-way hiking trails leading to the views of the waterfall and rock climbing walls. And when combined the two routes form a loop route. One route is marked as "easy" and follows a gravel access road. The other route is mark as "challenging" and follows a single track hiking trail into the trees and along the edge of cliffs.

Both routes experience a 250 metre elevation gain and should take 1 to 2.5 hours to complete. However the views of the spring fed lakes and of the community of Canmore are best from the hiking trail.

From the gravel parking lot the trail begins by following a gravel access road. Up the trail - at about the 250 metre point - there is a junction where the trail divides into two.

Stay right and the route continues to follow the gravel access road. Veer left and the route follows a single track hiking trail into the trees. The hiking trail is for the more experienced hiker as it includes exposed tree roots, mud and boulders. At the end of the hiking trail is an old stone stairwell (very unique) with views of the waterfall.

At the top of the stone stairs the trail continues and eventually connects again with the gravel access road. At the top of the trails and cliffs there are sitting benches, boardwalk trails, bridges, a park and rock climbing walls.

How to Get to the Grassi Lakes Trail

Travel towards the community of Canmore, Alberta, Canada. From the village travel 1 kilometre pass the Nordic Centre on Spray Lakes Road until the paved road turns gravel and on your left should be a gravel parking lot.


Canmore, Alberta adventures guide - Grassi Lakes Trail, Canada.


Grassi Lakes Trail

How To Get ToGrassi Lakes Trail

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