Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada
Twillingate, Nfld, Canada Adventure, Travel, & Tourism Guide 

"The Iceberg Capital of the World"

Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada adventures, attractions and activities covers both the summer and winter seasons. Twillingate is best known for its sightseeing icebergs on Iceberg Alley hence the name "The Iceberg Capital of the World". Located on the shores of Notre Dame Bay, Twillingate, Nfld. Canada tourism region includes day trips to the Villages of Durrell, Back Harbour and Jenkins Cove amongst others. Such a vast region of beautiful scenery, it is advisable to plan and book appropriately so to enjoy it all. 


Twillingate Newfoundland Adventures, Activities, and Things To Do 

Twillingate Nfld adventures, activities and attractions most enjoyed in the community and throughout the surrounding areas include hiking, beachcombing, whale watching, birding, iceberg viewing, sightseeing, camping, picnicking, kayaking, geocaching, boating, sailing, fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and xc skiing.

Parks, Trails and Places of Interest to explore in Twillingate 

A few of the more popular Twillingate, Newfoundland parks and trails and places to play includes activities and sightseeing destinations like Long Point Lighthouse, Twillingate Islands, Dildo Run Provincial Park, Devils Cove Trail, Sleepy Cove, and in Durrell are the Codjacks Trail, French Beach Trail and the Lower Little Harbour Trail. 

Twillingate, Nfld., Canada Attractions, Historical Sites, and Culture

Some of the Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada attractions, museums and cultural venues includes the Durrell Museum, Twillingate Museum, Prime Berth Fishing Museum, Twillingate-New World Island Causeway, 1842 St. Peter's Church, 1906 Masonic Lodge and over 230+ root cellars

Twillingate Newfoundland Places to stay, Accommodations, Services and Amenities 

Places to stay in Twillingate, Nfld, as well as, services important in and around the community icludes accommodations (motel, inn, vacation homes, cottages, bed and breakfast, suites), campground, pub, winery, gift stores, restaurants, coffee house, gas station, grocery store, liquor store, cell service, internet, and bank.

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