CANADA eh TOURISM is excited to announce the launch of their new look Travel Network website.

The Travel Network includes information, photos and travel tips for adventures and accommodations when exploring throughout Western Canada.

From the website Global Online Travelers can more easily plan, research and book accommodations and adventures in the provinces and territories of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories and the Yukon. Travel Network

Because of the new design the Travel Network is fast becoming a learning tool about Canada as well as a booking tool for exploring Canada.

CANADA eh TOURISM is currently expanding into Central, Eastern and Atlantic Canada. The Travel Network website will continue to receive revisions, upgrades and new features as it expands eastward. Next up – in the fall – is .

CANADA eh TOURISM has grown from one unique little website in the small town of Sidney, BC, on Vancouver Island to the fastest growing and largest network of tourism websites in Western Canada.

The story of the two brothers (About Us) and their dreams and challenges, climbing mountains on nickels and dimes, is a story to be told… so, please share their story with others, forward this blog, email a friend, “Like” them on Facebook and always drop the name CANADA eh TOURISM whenever media is in the room.

Please, do not be shy, because we sure aren’t…. share our new look Travel Network with others and help CANADA eh TOURISM go viral online.

Enjoy the new look Travel Network.

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