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What You Need To Know About Yukon B&Bs

B&Bs provide travelers an opportunity to enjoy and explore the Yukon from the comfort of a self contained home with hosts who are happy to cater to your questions and assist in any way. Some BnBs serve breakfasts in bed, others serve breakfast in a common kitchen area with all guests attending while others may provide a stocked fridge so you enjoy breakfast how and when you want.

Yukon Territories B&B Services and Amenities

B&Bs tend to be located, either, in a serene private setting (like near a lake, in the backcountry or by a river) or they are located within the community limits providing easy access to services. Some of the amenities provided by B&Bs, may or may not, include a private entrance, private bathroom, hot tub, jacuzzi, sauna, satellite TV, spa services, private living area, small kitchenettes, phone, internet and/or fireplace.

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