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Sudbury, Ontario, Canada is the largest community in Rainbow Country and Northeastern Ontario. The City of Sudbury is a commercial hub and adventure destination located northeast of Georgian Bay and surrounded by over 330+ lakes. All within the Greater Sudbury region. The City of Sudbury is referred to as the "Blueberry Capital of the North" and the "City of Lakes & Attractions". 

The main lakes in the Greater Sudbury region are Ramsey, Minnow, Kukagami, Joe, Windy, Vermilion, Fairbank, Whitewater, Whitson, Meatbird, Kelly, Long, Panache and Wanapitei which is largest lake in the world within city limits.

Today... the community is the main centre for education, health care, government and commercial business servicing the outlying communities of Lively, Falconbridge, Espanola, Chelmsford, Dowling, Capreol, Hanmer, Azilda, Levack, Garson, Coniston, Onaping Falls and Massey. The main economic engine of the area is mining. The "Big Nickel" (a giant 5 cent coin) is a symbol of Sudbury measuring over 9 metres tall. In fact... mining is so big in the region there are an estimated 5000+ kilometres of tunnels located underneath the city. 

Sudbury is home to some of the largest nickel-copper sulphate deposits on the globe - much of which - are pulled form the Sudbury Basin. The basin was a result of a meteorite crash 1.8 million years ago creating a 27 km wide & 60 km long and 15 km deep hole in the earth. 

The City of Sudbury was first established in 1883 as Sudbury Junction - a train station for Canada's railroad connecting east to west. Over time the community became a cultural hub of languages including French, Finnish and First Nation. In fact, locals tell us, that Sudbury is the 3rd largest French speaking population outside of the province of Quebec.

Sudbury, Ontario Attractions

The history of Sudbury is told through its artifacts, monuments, art, museums and attractions including Spirit 83, Grotto Lourdes Shrine, the Bridge of Nations, a First Nation gallery, railroad museum, police museum,1907 Bell Mansion (art gallery), the mining heritage sculpture and Dynamic Earth. Dynamic Earth (mining tour & museum) is one of two big player attractions in Sudbury - the other being Science North (science centre). Other attractions include Anderson Farm, Flour Mill Museum, Saint Anne Depris Monastery, the IMAX Theatre, casino, harness racing and many events & festivals year round. 

Services and Amenities in Sudbury, Ontario

In Sudbury, Ontario, Canada the services which are important to travelers include accommodations (hotel, motel, inn, B&B, lodges, resorts, cottages, vacation homes, campgrounds) and outfitters, guides, tours, restaurants, fast food, pubs, liquor stores, coffee shops, shopping centres, big box stores, gas stations, grocery stores, banks, library, internet, marina and transportation services (charter planes, taxi, airport and rail).

Activities and Adventures in Sudbury, Ontario

During the summer months the most popular activities include golfing, sightseeing, fishing flightseeing, sightseeing, touring, birding, swimming, hiking, camping, mountain biking, boating, sailing, water skiing, canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, hunting and rock climbing. In the winter months, after the snow has fallen and the lakes and rivers freeze over, the activities enjoyed in the area include xc skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, downhill skiing, snowboarding and ice fishing. 

Parks, trails and Place of Interest to explore in Sudbury, Ontario

Some of the more popular destinations for activity and adventure in and near Sudbury, Ontario include the A.Y. Jackson Lookout, Bell Park, Blueberry Hill, Capreol Walking Trails (10 km), Falconbridge Trail (2.8 km), Howard Armstrong Trails (4.5 km), Jim Gordon Walkway, Junction Creek Waterway Park Trail (13 km), Kelly Lake, Lake Laurentian Trails, Meatbird Lake, Oak Forest Trail (2 km), Rayside Balfour Trails (7.0 km) and the Voyageur Trails (7 km). Nearby provincial parks include the Chutes, Fairbank, French River, Grundy Lake, Halfway Lake, Mashkininje and Windy Lake Provincial Parks. With hundreds of lakes in the region there are many sandy beaches to enjoy during the summer months including popular beaches like Nepahwin Beach, Moonlight Beach, Centennial Park and Kalmo Beach.

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