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Dawson City, Yukon Tourism, Adventure

Dawson City is a community located in the wilderness north of the Yukon Territory, Canada. Travel to Dawson City and you will find a community surrounded by mountains, mining history, heritage buildings and historic rivers. In the distance are the Ogilvie Mountains and at the doorstep of the community are the Yukon, Klondike and Bonanza Rivers, for your fishing and outdoor adventures.

Dawson City Photo GalleryIn the village the streets are not paved. It does not seem to matter. The boardwalk sidewalks are raised up off the ground. The buildings are colorful and painted in bright pastels. Many of them resemble the buildings built during the Klondike Gold Rush. Some are designated heritage sites which originally date back to the early 1900s. In the downtown core of Dawson City, Yukon there are shops, stores, tours and attractions. Some of the services important to travelers located in the community include restaurants, accommodations, gas station, grocery store, gift shops, tour companies, fishing charters, post office, repair shops, campgrounds, internet and entertainment. Operating hours during the winter months vary.

The entertainment in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada is all about the Klondike Gold Rush. The memories of the gold rush are best enjoyed visiting Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall, Casino. It is an experience that takes you back in time. There are dancing girls, singers, bartenders and a casino. A fabulous time had by all. It is a popular attraction for tour groups.

The attractions in Dawson City, Yukon will educate and entertain. There are heritage sites and historic sites honoring famous writers, the Klondike Gold Rush and riverboat history. The Yukon attractions are hosted by guides dressed in period costumes who are happy to share with you the history of the Yukon Territory. The historic sites to visit include the SS Keno, the Robert Service Cabin and the Jack London Cabin.

There are other attractions in the Dawson City, Yukon region but they tell the story of the Klondike through the mining industry. Most of the mining attractions are also designated heritage sites.


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