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Keno City, Yukon Territories

Keno City is a small village with a double digit population located in the Silver Trail region of the Yukon Territory, Canada. Keno City is the end of the road on the Silver Trail Highway when exploring the region. The village is situated at the doorstep of many self guided and guided wilderness adventures. However more are self guided than guided.

Yukon PicturesFrom Keno City there are back country gravel roads and recreation trails which continue after the Silver Trail Highway. The recreation routes lead deeper into the wilderness mountains leading to lakes. To the south of the village are the mountains of the Gustavus Range and Mayo Lake. To the north is the Patterson Mountain Range and McQuesten Lake.

Like many things in the Silver Trail region, Keno City was once part of the mining industry during the 1920s. In behind the village the mines worked the mountains for many years. Today, most mines are gone and a high percentage of artists have moved into Keno City along with some of the long time locals from the mining era.

There are a few services important to travelers operating in Keno City. There are surprisingly a high number of heritage buildings and one museum in the village.

A self guided walking tour in Keno City visits with many of the historical buildings in the village. Many are miner and trapper cabins. Buildings include the Tolmie Cabin, Grant Cabin, Beer Bottle House, Keno City Cafe, Hawthorne Cabin and the Keno City Mining Museum. The museum is the main attraction in the village documenting the history of the mining industry.

One of the wilderness attractions in the region is the Signpost Lookout on top of Keno Hill. Many come and take photos with the unique signpost. It is a popular sightseeing viewpoint with far reaching views of the McQuesten Valley and the Ogilvie and Wernecke Mountains.


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