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Carcross, Yukon Territories

The community of Carcross is located on the north end of Bennett Lake, at the mouth of the Natasaheenie River, in the Southern Lakes region of the Yukon Territory, Canada. The Southern Lakes community is a year round recreation destination and vacation spot surrounded by wilderness lakes, mountains and wildlife.

Yukon Canada PicturesNearby lakes like Tagish, Marsh, Nares and Tutshi - as well as Bennett Lake - and some of the nearby mountains like the Fourth of July Mountain, Mount Gray, Mount Lorne, Montana Mountain and Nares Mountain provide many opportunities for year round activities

In the summer months the most popular activities enjoyed in the Carcross area includes fishing, canoeing, boating, horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, hunting, backpacking, kayaking, sandboarding, birdwatching and off roading.

In the winter months the lakes freeze over and the snow covers the trails, mountains and backcountry gravel roads creating an ideal environment for some winter activities. The more popular winter activities in the region include dog sledding, snowmobiling, cross country skiing and ice fishing.

Carcross is home to Yukon history, both trail and rail. In the early 1900s all routes led to Carcross as it was a major transportation hub during the Klondike Gold Rush.

At first miners would arrive on foot backpacking the Chilkoot Trail from Skagway, Alaska, USA to Carcross, Yukon Territory. Miners would then continue from Carcross navigating waterways leading to the Yukon River and Whitehorse. Today, the Chilkoot Trail is a designated historic backpacking route and the chain of lakes is a popular canoe paddle route.

After the Chilkoot Trail came the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway. The rail shuttled visitors and new settlers through the Yukon Pass to the community of Carcross and Whitehorse. Today the White Pass & Yukon Route train station is a major attraction in Carcross and is still operating tours exploring along the historical mountain route.

The community of Carcross is located on the South Klondike Highway. It is a major transportation route in the Southern Lakes region of the Yukon Territory. The services important to travelers in the community include accommodations, tours, an ATM, a general store, a gift store and a gas station.

While on foot in Carcross make sure to visit the Carcross Footbridge which crosses over Bennett Lake, the few pioneer heritage homes located throughout the village and the train station for the White Pass & Yukon Route railway.

There are many lakes and mountains in the Carcross, Yukon region. Many make for good road trips and sightseeing destinations. Some of the more well known and easily accessed sightseeing destinations in the region include the Cariboo Crossing, the Carcross Desert, the Emerald Lake Lookout, the Bove Island Lookout and the Robinson Roadhouse Historical Site.


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