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Faro, Yukon Territories

Faro is a small community located on the banks of the Pelly River in Central Yukon Territory, Canada. The village was once a mining town. Today.. Faro is a wilderness outdoor recreation destination and enjoys one of the highest populations of wildlife in the Yukon.

Mayo, Yukon PicturesThere is a general store and information centre in the community. There are a few accommodations and a campground.

Faro has grown into a wilderness haven for visitors and wildlife. It is highlighted by wilderness viewing destinations, a network of year round recreation trails and gravel roads.. and an endless amount of opportunities for adventure. Many are self guided.

The small village is set in a funnel -like valley called the Tintina Trench. To the north are the Hess Mountains and to the south are the Pelly Mountains. Mountains nearby include Sheep Mountain, Faro Peak and Mount Mye.

There are historic rivers like the Pelly River - once a transportation route for First Nations people and fur traders. There are back country lakes like Black Powder, Cousins, Swim, Moose and Cub Lakes. There are family friendly, easy access lakes like Fisheye Lake.

The wilderness back country of Faro creates many activities. In the summer months people enjoy hiking, backpacking, canoeing, fishing, kayaking, wildlife sightings and mountain biking. During the winter months the network of gravel roads and recreation trails become snowmobile and cross country ski routes. The frozen lakes become ice fishing destinations.

The Tintina Trench and the surrounding mountains and lakes create an ideal migration route for birds and wildlife. Every spring and fall, the valley trench is visited by many species of birds and wildlife like Sandhill cranes, Tundra swans, Fannin sheep, Caribou and Peregrine falcons. Faro is said to enjoy one of the highest populations of wildlife in the Yukon.

Wildlife sightings also include fox, moose, black bears, grizzly bears, lynx and wolves. The Mount Mye Sheep Centre and Sheep Mountain Lookout are two of the developed wilderness viewing destinations near Faro. The Faro Arboretum is an interpretive park which provides a picnic area and some insight into the flora and fauna of the Yukon wilderness.

The are plenty of recreation trails in the region, both day hikes and multi day backpacking adventures. Some are easy going hikes while others are considered difficult. The Van Gorder Trail is a popular day hike leading to a viewing platform and a waterfall.


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