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Teslin, Yukon Territories

The community of Teslin is one of the small villages located in the Southern Lakes region of the Yukon Territory in Canada. The village is located at the 1244 kilometre marker (804 mi.) of the Alaska Highway - where Teslin Lake meets with the Nisutlin River.

Yukon Canada PicturesThe community of Teslin is situated at an elevation of 672 metres above sea level. In the distance are 3 peaks named the Dawson Peaks which rise to an elevation of 1981 metres. Nearby are more mountains, lakes and rivers to explore like Squanga Lake, Teslin River, Hall Lake, Judas Mountain and Daylayee Lake.

Today, the small village of Teslin is a historical, recreation and transportation destination for travelers exploring the Alaska Highway.

The village is launching point for recreational adventures like fishing, canoeing, wildlife watching and boating. There is a boat launch on the northern end of the Nisutlin River bridge accessing Teslin Lake. The Nisutlin River Wildlife Area, where the river and lake meet, there is a network of waterways ideal for birdwatching and wildlife viewing.

In the village of Teslin are a few attractions to visit exploring the history of the First Nation people. There is the George Johnstone Museum and the Tlingit Heritage Centre. The centre is a historical journey exploring the last two hundred years of the Tlingit culture and traditions. There are artifacts, photos and a collection of masks.

Teslin is also the sight of an engineering delight. The Alaska Highway bridge near Teslin is the longest working bridge on the entire Alaska Highway.


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