Fire Tower Lookout

Park Amenities:

The 200 foot tall Fire Tower Lookout is located on a long gravel road leading deep into the mountains near the community of Dawson City, Yukon Territories, Canada. 

The road is marked by a small little sign nailed to a tree which reads Fire Tower Lookout. The long gravel road rolls up and down over hills through a boreal forest. There are more signs along the route.  

The views are amazing from the location. It is so quiet. At the tower is a wooden lookout deck high above the valley peering out over hundreds of hecatres of forests. There is a ranger cabin but no one was home. Or it might be a weather station. 

There is a big steel watch tower. It was so tall, it punches a hole in the sky. The tower was locked down half way up but it is still a photo moment. One can see right down the valley. What a great view. 

Fire Tower Lookout, Dawson City, Yukon Territories, Canada


Fire Tower Lookout
Dawson City


Located in: Dawson City Parks

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