Fire Tower Lookout

Dawson City

Park Amenities:

The 200 foot tall Fire Tower Lookout is located on a long gravel road leading deep into the mountains near the community of Dawson City, Yukon Territories, Canada. 

The road is marked by a small little sign nailed to a tree which reads Fire Tower Lookout. The long gravel road rolls up and down over hills through a boreal forest. There are more signs along the route.  

The views are amazing from the location. It is so quiet. At the tower is a wooden lookout deck high above the valley peering out over hundreds of hecatres of forests. There is a ranger cabin but no one was home. Or it might be a weather station. 

There is a big steel watch tower. It was so tall, it punches a hole in the sky. The tower was locked down half way up but it is still a photo moment. One can see right down the valley. What a great view. 

Fire Tower Lookout, Dawson City, Yukon Territories, Canada


Fire Tower Lookout
Dawson City

How To Get ToFire Tower Lookout

From the Dome Lookout Road take the gravel road on the right as you go up. Look for the sign which reads fire tower as the identifier for the road. Continue on the gravel road to the tower.
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