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What You Should Know About River Rafting In The Yukon Territories Canada

The Yukon Territories was first explored via its vast network of rivers. First, the First Nation people explored the rivers for hunting, fishing and traveling from village to village. Then came the miners. They followed the same rivers in their quest for gold during the Klondike Gold Rush.

Many lost their lives exploring the rivers in the Yukon. The white water rapids on some of the rivers were too much for some of the canoes and rafts to handle. Today, the most extreme rapids located throughout the Yukon rivers are routes used to entertain river rafting enthusiasts.

Yukon River Rafting Tours and Guides

There are day trip rafting adventures and there are multi day, wilderness adventures. River rafting is most enjoyed with one of the qualified rafting companies operating in the Yukon. Tours provide good equipment, a guide and experience on the river.

When arriving in the Yukon Territories for a river rafting adventure it is important to prepare well. Be aware many rivers are fed by glaciers and alpine lakes - the water is cold. Also be aware that winds are unpredictable and dangerous on some rivers so dress warm.

River Rafting Paddle Routes In The Yukon Territories

The Kluane National Park and Reserve is home to two rafting rivers in the Yukon - the Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers. Both rivers are major waterways of the Yukon and are protected. Both require registration prior to any private rafting trip. Tour groups already have the necessary authorization. The Alsek River is a Grade 3 river with up to Class 6 rapids. It is a 225 kilometre river. The Tatshenshini River is a 220 kilometre river which is considered a Grade 2 river with Class 4 rapids. Both rivers are explored through rafting companies.

Closer to Whitehorse are some other rivers which you might of heard of like the Yukon River and the Klondike River. There is no other river more popular in the Yukon Territory than the Yukon River. It measures approximately 900 kilometres.

Each Yukon Territoryies river rafting route has a series of designated put-in and take-out points located along each river to avoid difficult areas like dams, shallow water and rapids. Each river route has a designated starting point and ending point. In between the starting and finishing point of a multi day adventure are campsites and campgrounds for over night rafters. Most designated wilderness campsites along the rafting routes will include tent pads, food storage and pit toilets.

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