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What You Should Know About Backpacking In The Yukon Territories Canada

Yukon, Canada backpacking opportunities tend to be historic routes following in the foot steps of fur traders and the First Nations people.  Yukon, Canada backpacking trails explore forests, tundra, mountains, glaciers, and the Canadian Shield. Backpacking trails lead to waterfalls, heritage sites, remote lakes, alpine meadows, rock slides, mountain peaks and glaciers. 

Trails vary in difficulty, distance and maintenance. Yukon, Canada is fortunate to have some of the countries most rugged and remote wilderness backpacking adventures. The trails extend for kilometres a day leading to wilderness campsites some with tent pads, food caches and pit toilets. 

Best Backpacking Trails in the Yukon Territories

One of the most historic Yukon backpacking adventures worthy of your attention is the 53 kilometre long Chilkoot Trail. Long ago miners would backpack the Chilkoot Trail from Skagway, Alaska, USA to Carcross, Yukon Territories so to take part in the Yukon Gold Rush. The trail set the ground work for the railway to break through the mountains.

Another notable location for Yukon backpacking is Sheep Mountain near Haines Junction. The Bullion Plateau (24 kilometre/15 miles) and Slims West (45 kilometre/27.4 miles) Trails are just two of the backpacking adventures exploring the mountain.

Backpacking Tips and Advice

To minimize injury always hike in groups and travel at the pace of the slowest person. If a member of the party happens to get lost or injured it is important to always maintain calm and stay put. This makes it easier for search parties to locate you. When hiking and backpacking in the Yukon backcountry it is always important to leave a trip plan including departure and expected return dates with someone.

It is wise to pack with you some sort of signaling device such as flares and whistles. Stay visible so to be spotted from the air and start a fire. During the night seek shelter from the elements but in the day stay visible.The "it cannot happen to me" attitude is always the first mistake people make.

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