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Exploring The Myra Canyon Trestles

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British Columbia
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Debbie & Darcy

Exploring The Myra Canyon Trestles

We love getting outdoors as much as possible when we are traveling. One of the first things we do when checking out a destination is to take a look at their tourism website to get an idea of activities offered. 

The hike through the Myra Canyon Trestles takes you over 18 trestles and through two tunnels and through one of the most scenic parts of the Kettle Valley Railway (KVR). Originally built at the turn of the last century, 12 of the trestles were demolished by the Okanagan Mountain fire and were rebuilt as close to the original as possible. Looking at the trestles, it is absolutely mind-blowing when you consider that the original trestles would have been built by hand..... 








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