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"You provide the best read in Canada when it comes to travel and ideas for exploring Canada as it happens. I love your Travel Talk Community" Josephine Castle.


"This is just so classy. Thoughtful, creative, kind and well, just everything you would expect from these guys who are doing such an amazing job promoting Canada to the world.
" Ged Brown - Low Season Traveller



"Thank you! Connecting minds is what you have been doing with all your interviews which are so insightful and educating." Mohammad Shirkavand 



"These guys were fun and knowledgeable. I enjoyed being part of their show. Take a listen. Let me know what you think. Follow these guys for lots of great travel industry information." Jimi Coplen - The Rural Spark


"Being interviewed by the Brothers of Tourism, Greg Girard and his brother Colin... that was a rare treat indeed. If you’re looking for a great example of how to host a podcast, these gentlemen provide it. So check out their show if you want to be inspired. It was truly a pleasure to be on it!" Claus Raasted - Director at the College of Extraordinary Experiences



"I cannot say how impressed we are watching what you are doing for Canada communities. It looks like your unique style and innovative programs are leading the way to recovery. I want our community to hire you," Mitch Willfield!



"This is really great! Thank you to you and your team for all that you do for this awesome valley of ours. In all my years here, I don’t think anyone has done as much or as good a  job to promote our region like you all have!" JoJo Street - Work BC

"Canada's best kept secret!" Charmaine Johnson

" It great to see that the community content marketing program is getting people’s attention around the world" M. Olguin - Business dvelopment Officer


"Great to have you on the team. Look forward to working with you much more in the future too!" Best regards, Chris Langhaug

"Congratulations.. wow who else gets kudos from that far around the world. This is such an awesome program. Merritt and the Nicola Valley is so privileged to have Eh Canada Travel working for our community. You and Colin have sure raised the bar here. I hope other small communities will come on board." Manuel Olguin - Community Futures

"But now I have some very exciting news to share with you. The Highways signs are installed, the last piece of the project being the Vinyl, was installed Thursday. These large signs are very visible and I will prepare a Press Release for Monday. Thanks to our Contractor Eh Canada Travel for all the hard work, managing all the pieces to get them in place. This was a huge project and now we have something to be extremely proud of." Mae Ketter - CED Co-ordinator

Comment on eh Canada Travel's Small and Rural Community Content Marketing Program - "The new website will allow those both near and far to see for themselves what we have to offer. The spotlight will be placed on local businesses and organizations to promote products, services and events. The exposure will entice people to visit and support these hardworking folks in the valley. The program makes it easy to book a trip to the region, with recommendations and insights from local resident bloggers." Jackie Tegart MLA - Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

Comment on eh Canada Travel's Small and Rural Community Content Marketing Program - "This is the best thing that’s happened for Merritt in a long time" Shelley Sanders - Canadian Country Music Heritage Society

Comment on eh Canada Travel's Small and Rural Community Content Marketing Program - "Your program has shined a new bright light on the City of Merritt BC through your sharing of positive stories and experiences. My business is grateful and I have been told from others they are just as appreciative." Diane Lavoie - D & D Emprium

Comment on eh Canada Travel's Small and Rural Community Content Marketing Program - "I am really excited about future of tourism in the Nicola Valley. The opportunity to tell the world about our hidden gem by local residents is, to me, priceless." Tony Luck - Merritt City Councilor

Comment on eh Canada Travel's Small and Rural Community Content Marketing Program - “We are very excited about this project and specifically how it showcases and supports local businesses. Tourism dollars are such a huge source of income for so many of Merritt’s business owners, but the work that eh Canada has done on building this “Experience Nicola Valley” brand is also keeping people here to shop local and renewing interest in exploring their own back yards, which is amazing.” Meagan Preston - Chamber of Commerce - Nicola Valley

Comment on eh Canada Travel's Small and Rural Community Content Marketing Program - "This new and exciting venture for smaller communities is fantastic!! It is a huge asset to the community and we look forward to seeing it flourish further as the program grows.” Anoop Sekhon, Best Western - Merritt

Comment on eh Canada Travel's Small and Rural Community Content Marketing Program - "This is a very exciting project! This program is unlike any other that has been launched in our valley. We want people to come and see what we have here, and better yet experience all of it…. From a Community Economic Development view this is yet another opportunity provided by your company to the business community." Mae Ketter - Community Futures Nicola Valley

Comment on eh Canada Travel's Small and Rural Community Content Marketing Program - "I know this new venture will be a benefit to our community and will attract new visitors, new residents, and new businesses, and will inspire us" Courthouse Gallery

"I wanted to pass along our sincere thanks for your generous support in my business, your dedication and facilitation of the Experience Nicola Valley blog. The Experience Nicola Valley blog has been a joy to watch and grow into what it is today - a major positive influencer online for attracting more people to our valley and to our business." Kelly Hanson - Mellah Leuca Day Spa

Comment on eh Canada Travel's Small and Rural Community Content Marketing Program - "Developing a working model for community tourism marketing is one of the most important and sometimes elusive tasks for community groups. Your program has created the positve energy and focus we need moving forward in the next 10 years." Kathy Castro - Planet Hair and Spa

Comment on eh Canada Travel's Small and Rural Community Content Marketing Program - " Your program is a clear, well-designed marketing program having all of us in the business community moving in a positive direction as one unit. Your program is doing a superior job at introducing more travelers to the valley.” Gurpreet Sekhon - Ramada Inn - Merritt

Comment on eh Canada Travel's Small and Rural Community Content Marketing Program - "(You) have delivered an engaging and informative marketing platform. It is an exciting, fresh and new approach to economic development that is receiving tremendous praise inside and outside the community." Merritt Printing - Tod Dean

"You guys are awesome. You do an awesome job,,, you’ve got an awesome website,,, all about an awesome country that I love very much." Randy Olsen

"Please to say we are now fill untill 2020! Thank you ehCanadaTravel.com" Little Beach Cottages

"You do not see the big guys doing that! Keep up the great work fellas." Randy Oliwa

"Thank you for showing us the #REALCanada. It’s more about #Hospitality with you guys than multiple, glossy brochures.!" Wendy Smith

"U 2 R making a real difference as how to look at Canada. Cheers!" Kevin Hughes

"Congrats you guys keep up the great Canadian content" Homes We Roam Blog

"Best pictures, videos and information on the internet" Tanya Gautam

"Best tourism website in all of Canada" Cary Horning

"Just dropping you guys a post-election note and wishing you some cooperation from the new government during this run. I am so tired of reading and watching them pick on your company, bully you, and not support you. You should know, In a way, it is a form of flattery. However it does not make it right. No intelligent government can continue to ignore the urgent priority of giving support and practical encouragement to eh Canada Travel as the first response for creating jobs and assisting small and rural communities. There is zero logic in the premise that government can do it better when they offer broken promises and provide no affordable tools to accomplish sustainability and growth in small Canadian communities?" Sarah Bandersall

"Thanks for all the good info. I have learned so much that will help my business," Vicky Petals and Flowers

"You were great, thank you for all the awesome info. Don't ever change! Keep up the amazing philosophy training," Jojo - Work BC Merritt

"Excellent communicator. Very positive. Ne negative comments. Great teacher," Community Futures Training

"Only feedback is that you rock!" Myra - Community Futures

"Tons of info! Very Charasmatic. Keeps it interesting. Sould definately do more training!!!" Jenn Johnson - Arbonne Consultant.

"As a tourism company owner my eyes were truly opened! If you are ever in the Shuswap please look us up," Serena - Adams River Rafting

"Two of the greatest Canadian entrepreneurs and finest men l know! You both deserve a ton of praise and thanks!" Cary H.

"I would describe the brothers as " the Gary Vaynerchuk " for real Canadian Travel. Internet marketing entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders, community focused, reliable, and authentic. They are in the business of helping communities build up their tourism and travel industry skills. And they drive around in a really awesome RV. You don't see the BIG GUYS doing that. Keep up the great work fellas!" Randy Oliwa

"Your hard work and amazing dedication to Canadian tourism is over the top!! Greg, you and Colin, as well as your team need an extremely huge amount of praise from every Canadian you've ever shaken hands with along your adventures!! I hope you both know how appreciated you both are!!" Tammy B.

"Cool Canadian dudes! I love what you do" Forever Fun

"No one knows more about Canadian tourism than the guys at eh Canada! " Amber Papou - Vision Merritt

"It's friendly, informative and it's all about the vastness & beauty of Canada, which just happens to be, 'my home & native land'. Keep up the good work guys!" Randy Olsen

"I had the pleasure of attending a blogging session taught by Greg and I have to say it was a wonderful experience. I was very nervous but Greg made each one of us new bloggers feel important, special and above all else he gave us confidence in ourselves and the program. I learned so much, and I hope to continue to learn, grow, expand my blogging skills and meet new people. Greg is a great teacher, he has the right skills and personality to make his students pay attention. I would recommend Greg to any future bloggers in all communities across Canada without hesitation. I am looking forward to a long and adventurous journey working with Greg and the team at eh Canada Travel." Laurie Turmel - Experience Nicola Valley

"We've stopped advertising with all the big American corporate listing sites as their policies are way too greedy and controlling. They use "Bait and Switch" marketing techniques which have had a negative effect on us and our Canadian guests. If these policies are not illegal, they should be. They just want their 15% or more booking fees. We simply cannot operate our business, under their new terms. Businesses like yours are more important than ever, for us independent tourism operators. So keep up the good work and take time to enjoy your Summer." Pam Sims

"I have been watching you guys for some time now, and love what you are doing and embarrassed by the push-back you get from the industry. I am flabbergasted that more communities are not tapping into your knowledge base by supporting you 100%. Something is wrong, when Canadian businesses support out-of-country corporate booking websites and not a Canadian travel website built by Canadian entrepreneurs wanting to provide Canadian jobs. They should all be ashamed of themselves." Joe Canadian

From Australia."Canada Travel Website you do an excellent job promoting Canada. Your posts are always interesting and we all appreciate the work you do. Your page has helped us plan the best way to spend 6 weeks in Canada. Credit where credit is due." Juli Marie Davine

""Thanks ehCanadaTravel.com for helping drive industry change." Creative Planet M

5 out of 5 Stars! "I love this travel site. As an accommodation provider, they are always finding ways to send traffic to my website, and I love browsing their informative (and often funny) articles." Marilyn McEwen - Ucluelet.

"... tourism associations in Canada do not get millennials, nor speak their language. That is why I believe eh Canada is the future if Canadians would support them instead of the Government." Joey Canadian

5 out of 5 STARS "Love working with the team at eh Canada. They are so friendly, helpful and just great to work with." Daphne Hunter

"Love this site! So many independent contributors with valuable information & absolutely gorgeous photos for those browsing the internet and wanting to explore Canada. Way to go ehCanadaTravel!" One Canadian's Journey

5 out of 5 STARS "Amazing site and work for promoting business and staying connected to Canadian roots. I had been following ehCanadaTravel on facebook and recently joined the fantastic community to promote Canadian Beauty!!" Suhil Malhotra

"Great website, it's a perfect spot for Canadian Bed and Breakfasts and Vacation Rentals can share their stories!! Kudos to you!!" Maria Rekrut

5 out of 5 STARS "As a photographer I have loved working with the team at eh Canada Travel! They are incredibly interactive with posts on the site and work hard to promote all posts on other social media sites. This site is a great way to learn more about Canada and interesting places to visit from Canadians themselves!" Marcie Callewaert

"ehCanadaTravel.com is an excellent source of first hand independent knowledge for travellers" Jayson Ambrose

"It has been a great experience being a part of ehCanadaTravel.com and seeing everyday people sharing their travel stories!" Expanse Cottages, Nordegg, Alberta

5 out of 5 STARS "All Canadian travel site where you can search out and plan your next Canadian adventure. What a perfect way to save time and find all you need for traveling in Canada. Very happy to be a part of this community." Mike Robertson of Bow River Blog Fishing Tours

5 out of 5 STARS "I had a great summer! Visited Vancouver Island and used your site. I found other websites were just listings, no help. Your site was great for accommodations and activities. Found info and photos very helpful. I sure hope your venture keeps growing it is so under rated. Here we are on WPT in Ucluelet."  T. Vondrasek

4.9 out of 5 STARS "Big fan here! So much so I always talk about your website and one of my friends sent me an article from a magazine called the Hub. I was sadden to hear the lack of support you receive from tourism and never realized the industry is such a bully. Makes me mad this is happening in Canada." Sarah Bandersall

"Amazing, fun loving and adventurous ! Take the time to explore Canada with these guys and have the time of your life"  Vicki M.

"Time and effort is taken to give you some sights and sounds and background of the many diverse areas Canada has to offer." Todd D.

5 out of 5 STARS "Great travel site, very interesting stories and histories of the many places to visit in Canada" Greg Z. Ontario

5 out of 5 STARS "This is not your usual travel site. ehCanadaTravel.com have produced a wonderfully eclectic, occasionally quirky and always informative mix of Canadian treasures, from urban to wilderness. eh Canada will appeal to the dedicated outdoor enthusiast looking for a new challenge, as well as, the casual visitor wanting to enjoy the scenery, the food, the activity or the stay, on and off, the beaten path." Lou Gay

"Working with eh Canada, promises to be a win / win for both: the industry and the travelers," The Inn on the Ninth Hole, Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

"We stumbled across eh Canada initially while planning a trip to Haida Gwaii, then rediscovered it via social media. The eh Canada site provides a good mix of advertising & information; for travellers it's informative and for a tourism based business it's a great opportunity for showcasing the business and local area." Misty River Lodge, Radium Hot Springs, BC, Canada.

"I’ve been browsing online more than 2 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. In my view, if all website owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the web will be much more useful than ever before." Adrienne Tishler

"Taste-It Food Tours thanks ehCanadaTravel.com for its work in growing travel and tourism in Canada. I’m pleased to have been part of it." Patti Rodger

"eh Canada Travel & Adventure Guide is the best Canadian travel and planning site around" Tina S. 

"eh Canada provides another great tool for advertising your tourism based event." SaskPower Windscape Kite Festival

""I am so excited. My friend told me about this. I think this is so neat." Sarah B. 

"Wow, that's what I was seeking, what great information presented here on this website! Thanks admin for some personality and detailed info on this site.'" Brittany Hudson

""You are so cool! I do not believe I’ve read through a single thing like this before. So great to some unique thoughts on the internet. Seriously.. thank you. This website is something that is required on the internet, someone with a little originality!" Anastasia Brousseau. 

"We've been working with the great guys at ehCanadaTravel for awhile now, and this has become an important source of exposure for us. The ability to promote ourselves online on the best independent and interactive travel website has really grown our business in new and exciting ways. They really are one of the fastest growing websites in the travel and adventure sphere out there, and they are great guys to work with to boot!" Scott Johnson of Toad Hollow Photography

"Hey I went to go check out your website, very nice site I love it!! You guys are really cool. I added to my favs list!" Pokémon Geak. 

"Thanks to Greg and his team for 10 years of service to Littlebeachresort. Best customer care and web services ever. We look forward to another decade of doing business with Ehcanadatravel. Question, can anyone else say they have been with the same web services provider for over a decade?" Randy Oliwa Ucluelet

"Two real bros…keeping it real. Having fun out and about (remember that's pronounced oot and aboot) then sharing their adventures with us. It's your passion that makes you a cut above the rest. I am so happy our paths have crossed. Thank you guys for allowing me to explore along with you. Happy trails, eh?" Shelley L. 

"So much junk online, it is nice to see some originality and personality. I will be booking my next vacation on this website. Happy to support you guys!" Sally H.

"I just wanted to commend you on the awesome work you've done with ehCanadaTravel, especially with the Parks and Trails sections. The pictures are great, and the descriptions are thorough. Canada needs this sort of thing. Keep up the good work, guys! John V.

"There is no better travel website that is more Canadian than eh Canada!" Isabelle T.

"Ever since coming across Eh Canada Travel on Twitter, my desire for more Canadian exploration has shot through the roof. The in depth coverage of Canada from guys that really know their stuff is refreshing and not duplicated. I someday soon look forward to sharing a story and an adventure with Eh Canada, in person." Steve Grams - Family Travel with a Day Job Blog

"Dan and I both think the ehCanada Travel.com website and all it covers is spot on......it is well thought out and brings out what is really happening in our industry ~ it has many choices and options to fit everyone's budget and situation. There are many companies competing for our advertising dollars and we think ehCanada Travel.com is by far the best one available and recommend it highly...From the first time we met you and you explained what you do, you have worked with us and are always available to answer our questions and have suggested other options to help us with getting our word out about Dunroven B&B Sea Cottage ~ Farm & Forge. ehCanada Travel is always updating it's coverage and has innovating ideas to help our business." Dunroven B&B

"Canada eh has been a strong supporter of the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s conservation efforts for the last several years, by helping to share our message through its website and social media channel. The message of sustainable tourism is one that NCC encourages in all visitors to its protected areas, and we are grateful to Canada eh for its role in helping to spread this important message while encouraging Canadians to visit our country’s majestic natural places in a responsible manner." Christine Beevis Trickett - Manager of Editorial Services for the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

"You are so interesting! I don’t believe I’ve read through something like that before. So great to find someone with a few original thoughts on this issue. This site is one thing that is required on the internet, someone with a little originality!" Myron S.

"We will be linking to your site. Keep up the good writing." Suzette Monk

"A bit surprised it seems so simple and yet your website is most useful" Vero
"It's nice to come across a website every once in a while that isn't the same bias out of date rehashed material. Wonderful read." Doyle Atkins

"We're a group of volunteers and opening a brand new project in our community. Your site offered us with useful info to work with. You've done an impressive job and our whole community is grateful to you." Manuel F.
"I like what you guys are up too. This sort of clever work and travel reporting!
Keep up the excellent works guys I've included you guys to our blogroll." Fred W.

"“Who You Book Travel With Is Who You Support” ended up being seriously compelling and insightful! In the present day world honestly, that is very difficult to do." Brad C.

"My visitors would genuinely benefit from a lot of the information you present here." Tracy
"I’ve been browsing online for more than four hrs today, and I certainly haven’t discovered any worthwhile websites similar to yours. Honestly, I think that if more bloggers and siteowners generated content like your website, the internet would be even more helpful than it currently is." Verena P.
"Canada eh Travel & Adventure - you guys are the best! Thanks for being so awesome." Prairie Pixel Photography
"Hello! I simply want to offer you a big thumbs up for the excellent information you’ve got right here..." E. Story
"It is truly a nice and helpful piece of info. This is a very well written article. Thanks for sharing this." Safina C
" So nice to see fact over fiction on a travel website. Thank you for helping us plan our vacation!"Jonathan V
"Glad we discovered eh Canada, well done." Mattick's Farm
"You guys have one of the best company names ever." My Destination
"Thanks CANADA EH for the photos, most enjoyable." Linda J.
"I booked my accommodation, attractions and planned my adventures on your websites. Great information for assiting me in my travels. Thank you for all the work you do!" Jason B.
"I Love your site! It's Very interesting, to learn more about Canada travel." D. Sutton
"Your community is a hub for Canadian travellers and adventure seekers." Joe V.
"As the Business Manager for Microsoft Canada I wanted to let you know how much we love CanadaEH. My marketing team has been raving about your blog" Alnur Ismail
"I have been following your blog for some time and I really enjoyed reading it. I have relatives living in Ontario and will be vacationing there real soon. Your site provides a really great travel guide for places to go and see." Dana
"Merci pour le courriel. J’ai écouté à l’interview et c’était très clair. Colin et Greg semble jouir de leurs aventures. J’étais contente d’entendre leurs voix. Je vais continuer de lire leurs nouvelles découvertes sur leur page web." Yvette
"Thank you for having all the local sites on display. Not much is as it was when I was a kid, but nevertheless it did my heart good to look at them all." Frances
"I love this EH website!" Sylvia W.
"The most detailed website for traveling Canada by a long shot." Dedrie J.
"You are miles ahead of your competition providing a superior product for travel planning in Canada. " Rosa G.
"If you are looking for adventure in Canada, this is the place to start!" Zen College Life
"Hi guys, just would like to thank you...you do a great job and deserve all the good things that come your way." Sherry
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"On Wednesday I was searching for tourism trip and somehow came across this website. It is so good to see that not everything online is trash!" Lagran
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"... great site thanks for the info on keeha beach heading out there next weekend, going to be great" Sheldon
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"What a great source for travel in Canada." Aditi B.
"Just found your website. Excellent idea and thanks for all the info. We're heading to the Yukon and your photos and info are very helpful!" Geoff & Nadine
"I think it's great what you guys are doing. Looking forward to following more of your adventures through Canada." Kristin
"Cool Site" Rob M.
"... spent an enjoyable hour looking at the NWT and BC ... Congratulate them on the great work. Really looking forward to seeing the Prairies!" Terry M.
"Thank you for the wonderful website." Linda and Tom
"It’s good to see these fine sites about our community – keep up the good work!" Peter - Powell River
"Congratulations! and keep up the great work. we have already received a number of bookings through your site and will be staying put!" Ingvar - Nanaimo, BC
"Congratulations. You guys are doing great!" Dr. Jim Ricks
"Congratulations on your continued success with your website!! We have watched your hard work and dedication, over the years, to creating an interesting, enthusiastic, fun, growing tourism website. The effort you put into keeping your clients happy is very commendable. As an accommodation business we have had most of our guest inquires come from your site!! at least 80%! From our perspective you have cornered the market for Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, lower mainland and the Okanagan. The POND has very creative "critters" in it!!" Gary & Rosemary - Sidney, BC, Canada
"Thanks for all your help. I got some feedback on how nice our website is and wanted to pass that along to you. I have noticed more activity... and inquiries for a cabin rental. Thank you for the report and making the changes" Edie - Tofino, BC, Canada
"Helen & I wish to thank you and your staff for all you have done to achieve the high ranking our site now enjoys on the SE's. Our business has grown since we moved our site under your care and we most certainly hope that you will continue to do your best in the future." Norm - Sooke , BC, Canada
"The website is sure proving good for us. At least half our business is coming from it. So hope you guys are busy, busy, busy." Doreen, Duncan, BC, Canada
" Your energy and enthusiasm for what you do is contagious and very refreshing! I must say that it is very exciting to speak with someone with passion about tourism, our island and rewarding hard work!!! Enjoy the West Coast!" ~ D. Allison
"I am really happy with you and your company and feel that it is one of the best moves I have made for both Ocean Mist Retreat and Ocean Mist Charters. " Diana
"The results speak for themselves, we at Alpine Springs Farm and B&B could not imagine being in this business successfully without the great teamwork with the toads from the pond. It is and always was very pleasant to work with this group of enthusiastic, goal oriented professionals. We trust them with all our needs in advertising, website hosting and search engine optimization, it's money well spent. It goes without saying, when you find something good, you will keep it!" Elmar and Jacinthe
"Great work Guys. Ya we seem to be getting quite a few calls and emails for bookings. Keep in touch and thanks again." Randy & Cathie
"Met Greg today at my store in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario thought what he was doing was cool. Great site keep up the great work." Ken