Privacy Policy

We at Canada eh Travel, are aware of the importance of keeping client information close to our hearts and the importance of protecting our clients privacy. Canada eh Travel has taken all the appropriate measures to ensure the security of any information that is disclosed by persons subject to the Canadian Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Canada eh Travel will not , under any circumstances, use any information provided by clients for any purpose inconsistent with the purpose for which the information was provided

The goal of Canada eh Travel's Travel Network (EH Tourism) is to be the #1 travel source online for adventure, tourism and travel in Canada.

( - Travel Planning Network. The main hub for linking together all EH Tourism provincial and territorial travel and tourism websites in Canada.


Terms of Use

Every effort is made to ensure that the information on any of the Travel Network websites is timely and accurate however, due to circumstances beyond our control - information and dates are subject to change without notice. Canada eh Travel and the Travel Network offers no guarantee regarding the accuracy of the information published on the website web pages. All such web pages are provided ,as is, with out warranty of any kind and Canada eh Travel does not make any representations concerning the accuracy, results, or reliability of the information on the Travel Network. Canada eh Travel hereby disclaims representations and warranties.


Collection of Information and How it Helps

When travelers visits one of the websites on the Travel Network our web server collects selected information necessary to effectively operate, maintain and market the websites.

  1. Collects Internet Protocol (IP) addresses from visiting computers.
  2. Documents traffic generated from Search Engines that visit any of the websites on the Travel Network.
  3. Length of time spent on any of the websites on the Travel Network..
  4. Visits generated from website links.
  5. Number of times a the websites on the Travel Network. is added to favorites and book marked.
  6. What items are downloaded from any of the websites on the Travel Network..

Canada eh Travel does not use any of this collected data to identify any individuals unless requested by law enforcement officials.

The information provided and processed by Canada eh Travel is used for the principle for which it was collected or for a use parallel with that principle. This information proves useful for better servicing of information such as:

  1. providing information about Canada,
  2. knowledgeable response to questions by "Online Travel Planners',
  3. collect data for improved structure and functionality of the websites on the Travel Network.


Providing Your Personal Information

Canada eh Travel takes great pride in protecting your information online and have put in place precautions to protect against security breaks, unauthorized use and disclosure of information.

Canada eh Travel operates secure servers and management software protecting the information we have been provided. Although, Canada eh Travel is not responsible for any information manipulated during transport over the Internet from your computer to our secure servers.


Links to Websites

The websites on the Travel Network link to other websites, usually opening up in a new browser window. The links are provided to promote and provide access to other websites. The links are provided as a convenience and source of information. Your use of Canada eh Travel website services, products and the act of providing information for Canada eh Travel websites signifies your authorization to our use of the information as outlined in this privacy policy. Any inclusion of any website link does not imply endorsement by Canada eh Travel nor can we be held responsible in anyway for the content found on any third party website.


The Use of Cookies

Cookies are like memory chips, little bits of data coded into web pages, that enables visiting computers to return to the websites on the Travel Network. Canada eh Travel uses cookies for tracking and data analysis so to understand movements on Canada eh Travel websites, to understand what "Online Travel Planners" are interested in, so that Canada eh Travel can continue to grow and assist individuals on the Internet with valuable planning information. All computers can change cookie settings to block cookies.


Correcting/Changing Personal Information

If your personal information changes (business name, mailing address, e-mail link, website link, street address, phone numbers, postal code, etc) or you no longer require our service , Canada eh Travel provides efficient services to correct, update or remove the information.