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Difficulty: Moderate
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Dover Trail, Moresby Island

A lush, forested hike following Hans Creek deep into the back country. The trailhead is located west of Sandspit Village on Moresby Island, which is part of the Haida Gwaii Islands Archipelago.

Dover Trail - Haida Gwaii, BC Photo GalleryAlso referred to as the Louise Dover Memorial Trail, the trail could take from 1-2 hours to complete. The trail meanders through second-growth and old-growth forests filled with Spruce, Hemlock and Cedar trees. Keep a look-out for CMTs (Culturally Modified Trees - A CMT is a tree that has been altered by the Haida People as part of their traditional use of the forest for tools and baskets).

The trail is moist and is made of mostly hard packed earth. In the spring and fall months the trail is muddy and could be washed out in areas near the creek. Much of the trail weaves in and out of the trees, stepping over roots and side stepping deadfall.

The Hans Creek area around the Dover Trail is a spawning creek for returning Pink, Chum and Coho Salmon. When visiting the Sandspit region in the fall, it is well worth the effort to venture a short distance up the trail and view the salmon fighting their way upstream. And during the spring it is the steelhead's turn to spawn in Hans Creek. A word of caution, the spawning season also attracts the local Black Bears to the area.

The Dover Trailhead sign is difficult to see from the road. It is easier to pick out the Hans Creek Bridge when driving the main road on your way into the Village of Sandspit. West of the bridge is the opening in the forest to the beginning of the trail.

The trail system in the area of the Louise Dover Memorial Trail also includes some other adventure hikes like the 1.5 hour return trip, Hans Creek Loop Trail and the 1 hour return Sandspit Skyline Trail. In the forest cover is a directional sign pointing out the various trail routes and the distances.

Dover Trail, Moresby Island, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada


Dover Trail

How To Get ToDover Trail

Drive east for about 6 km from the Alliford Bay BC Ferry Terminal on Moresby Island towards Sandspit Village. Park beside the Hans Creek Bridge and on the BC Ferry side of the bridge is a very short walk to the trailhead sign.
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