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Lac du Bonnet Manitoba
Adventure Travel - Canada

The community of Lac du Bonnet is a recreation and adventure destination in Eastern Manitoba, Canada located on the banks of the Winnipeg River. The community enjoys the company of two really large wilderness parks and over 60+ kilometres of lakes and rivers.

Lac du Bonnet is surrounded by the Regional Municipality of Lac du Bonnet. Other villages nearby include Pinawa, Brookfield and Crescent Bay. The municipality is located on the granite hills of the Canadian Shield in a section of Manitoba where the prairie grassland region meets the boreal forest region.

The Lac du Bonnet geography of lakes, rivers, forests and marshlands... plus the close proximity to a couple of large wilderness parks has a direct impact on the quality of year-round outdoor activities enjoyed in the region.

On the waterfront in Lac du Bonnet there is a beach, day use picnic area and a pier. Many visit the beach in the summer for swimming, sunbathing and picnicking. The pier attracts people who enjoy fishing and sightseeing. Just down the road, on the riverbank, are a few other green space parks to explore as well.

Some of the parks, green space areas and recreation trails in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba include the Town Beach & Pier, Lakeside Park, Leslie Park, Memorial Park, Sperman Park and the TCT (Trans Canada Trail).

Out of town parks include Halliday Park, Nopiming Provincial Park, Whiteshell Provincial Park, the LaVerendrye Trail and the Old Pinawa Dam Provincial Historic Site. The provincial site is a 1908 hydro power dam located on the banks of the Winnipeg River. There is a picnic area with trails and viewpoints.

In the summer months the Lac du Bonnet region enjoys many outdoor activities like fishing, boating, sightseeing, water skiing, canoeing, golfing, picnicking, swimming, biking, hiking, hunting and birdwatching.

There are birding reports indicating over 300+ bird species have been sighted in the region. It is largely because of the many waterways in Lac du Bonnet which provide excellent nesting, feeding and resting grounds for local and migrating birds.

Lac du Bonnet is well regarded as a popular fishing destination. There are outfitters, tackle shops, fishing lodges and boat launches available throughout the region. . Fishing includes northern pike, walleye, smallmouth bass, perch, sturgeon and catfish. Every year the region plays host to fishing derbys.

In the winter months, after the snow accumulates and the waterways freeze over, the adventures morph over to xc skiing, ice fishing and snowmobiling. There are nordic and snowmobile clubs in the region which help maintain trails. The snowmobile trails extend for 100's of kilometres connecting to warming huts, gas stations, parks and nearby villages.

The Lac du Bonnet village provides many of the travel services which are important to visitors including campgrounds, resorts, accommodations, lodges, outfitters, air service, pubs, taxi, restaurants, internet, golf courses, grocery stores, gas stations, banks, gift shops, sporting , good stores, guides, museums, fast food, laundromat and sport equipment rentals.

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