Whiteshell Provincial Park


Park Size: 270, 000 hectare
Park Amenities:
Boat Launch
Wilderness Camp
Gas Station
Horseback Riding
Interpretive Centre
Mountain Biking
Park Office
General Store

Kettle Valley Rail Trail PhotosWhiteshell Provincial Park is a very popular wilderness and recreation destination located in Eastern Manitoba, Canada.  The 270, 000 hectare Whiteshell Provincial Park is located in the Lake of the Woods area of the Manitoba Lowlands Natural Region. The park is a mix of eco systems consisting of rivers, creeks, wetlands, bogs, rocky outcroppings, sandy beaches, forests and the Canadian Shield.

During the summer months the activities enjoyed include boating, water skiing, golfing, backpacking, fishing, canoeing, swimming, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, hunting, birdwatching, picnicking, camping, horseback riding and wildlife watching. Some of the activities enjoyed in the winter months include xc skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and ice fishing.

There are over 200+ lakes for fishing walleye, perch, trout, bass and northern pike. Some are easy access lakes while others are fly in only lakes. Some lakes have outfitter camps, cottages and fishing lodges providing accommodations, equipment and guides for fishing.

Highway #1 travels through the park. There are services available on the highway, in park villages and near some of the more popular lakes, attractions and recreation trails in the Whiteshell Provincial Park.

Services in the park include gas stations, restaurants, convenience stores, tours, guides, outfitters, shops, marinas, yacht clubs, golf course, grocery store, ATM, retail gift stores and more.

The facilities in the park include a visitor information centre, fish hatchery, interpretive centre, children's programs, educational programs, two museums, day use picnic sites, viewing towers and a selection of resorts, cottages, fishing lodges, guest ranches, rustic cabins and many campgrounds (both serviced and wilderness).

Serviced campgrounds are located near White Lake, Betula Lake, West Hawk Lake, Big Whiteshell Lake, Otter Falls, Brereton Lake, Opapiskaw, Caddy Lake, Nutimik Lake and Falcon Lake. Services in the campgrounds vary. Some of them contain boat launches, grocery stores, fish cleaning stations, day use picnic sites, sani station and playgrounds.

There are recreation trails, interpretive walking trails, day hikes and long haul backpacking adventures in the Whiteshell Provincial Park.

The Sunshine Trail (2 kms return) and the Top of the World Trail (4 kms one-way) are elevation hikes leading to views of Falcon Lake. The Pine Ridge Trail (3 kms one-way) leads to a swinging rope and swimming area. The Pine Point Rapids Trail (8.2 kms one-way) is a moderately difficult trail exploring Canadian Shield rock and forests while following the Whiteshell River. The trail visits Pine Point Rapids, Acorn Falls and Viburnum Falls.

Jessica Lake is a staging area for hiking, snowshoeing and xc ski trails. The trails include Loop A (1.3 kms); Loop B (1.5 kms); Loop C (3.6 kms); Loop D (5 kms) and the Rainbow Falls Trail (8 kms). The Rainbow Falls Trail leads to many scenic views and to a waterfall. The Alf Hole Goose Sanctuary Trail is a 1-1.5 km loop trail following the shores of Sanctuary Pond.  

McGillivray Falls Trail (4.6 kms return) is a moderately challenging hike exploring riverbanks and falls before connecting with McGillivray Lake.  Amisk Hiking Trail (4.8 kms return) explores rocks and forest leading to the banks of the Rennie River, viewpoints and wetlands. A side trail connects to Inverness Falls and the shores of Brereton Lake. Hunt Lake Trail (12.6 kms return) is a long day hike following a challenging route with some sections of steep climbs, rocks and ridges. It explores Hunt Lake, Indian Bay and West Hawk Lake providing scenic views.

Mantario Trail is the monster backpacking and cross country ski trail in the park measuring over 62 kilometres (40 miles). Plan for 3 to 7 days backpacking depending on experience and time allotted, weather conditions and fitness levels. Other trails in the Whiteshell Provincial Park include the White Pine Trail, Falcon Creek Trail, Forrester's Footsteps, Big Whiteshell Trail, Cabin Lake Trail and Bear Lake Trail.

There are over 325+ kilometres of waterways in the park for canoe adventures. There are put in points, take outs, portages, marinas and wilderness campsites located along the routes.

Caddy Lake is a good put in point for accessing the Caddy Lake Canoe Route. The Whiteshell River and Frances Lake Canoe Routes are two other paddle routes to consider exploring. The Whiteshell River route explores over 160+ kilometres of lakes and rivers in the park. The Frances Lake Canoe Route is a 17 kilometre route with three portages.

Another canoe route which passes through Whiteshell Park is the Winnipeg River route. It explores 12+ lakes and 15 portages... and takes 14-18 days to complete. It is a 410+ kilometre one way paddle route connecting Keewatin, Ontario with Winnipeg Manitoba. The route passes through Whiteshell Park.

Snowmobiling and cross country skiing are, both, enjoyed in the South, Central and North Whiteshell regions of the park. Downhill skiing and snowboarding are also enjoyed near Falcon Lake at the local ski hill. There are over 200+ marked snowmobile trails in the Whiteshell Park. Along the trails are warming huts and wood stoves.


Whiteshell Provincial Park
Route #44

How To Get ToWhiteshell Provincial Park

The park can be accessed via Route #313, Hwy #307, Hwy #44 and the Trans Canada Highway (Hwy #1).
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