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Grand Beach Manitoba
Adventure Travel - Canada

Grand Beach is part of the East Beaches. The East Beaches is a collection of resort villages and sandy beaches located on the eastern shores of Lake Winnipeg in the province of Manitoba, Canada.

Lake Winnipeg is the 10th largest fresh water lake in the world. The lake is recognized as an inland sea it is so big. Because of the large lake, long shoreline and the many access points located on the lake the region is a very popular beach activity destination.

The highlight attractions of the East Beaches region are the Grand Beach Provincial Park and the Patricia Beach Provincial Park. Both enjoy sandy white beaches. Grand Beach being one of the top sandy beaches in Manitoba, some say in Canada.

The other sandy beaches in the region are not as well known because they do not have a park designation. The beaches include Beaconia Beach, Balsam Bay, Grand Marais Beach, Lester Beach, Traverse Bay, Hillside Beach, Albert Beach and Victoria Beach.

The beaches and parks are home to many adventures year round. During the summer months the activities enjoyed in the region include golfing, swimming, beach volleyball, horseback riding, birdwatching, hiking, kite boarding, wind surfing, fishing, sailing, water skiing, kayaking, camping, biking, boating, picnicking, geo caching and hunting.

After the snow falls and the waterways freeze over the adventures change over to winter activities. The trails and frozen waterways become xc ski and snowmobile routes. Once the ice is thick enough the lakes become ice fishing destinations.

The eastern coastline of Lake Winnipeg is lined with sandy beaches and a few small resort villages. Throughout the region are accommodations and services. Some are stand alone businesses while others are located in the villages.

The main services on the eastern shoreline of Lake Winnipeg are located in Grand Marais and Traverse Bay Corner. The services include accommodations, restaurants, gas stations, internet, coffee house, ATM, equipment rentals and convenience stores.

Marinas, docks, day use picnic sites and boat launches are located up and down the shoreline of the East Beaches. The main marinas are located in Albert Beach and Balsam Bay.

There are more services located in Pine Falls on the Winnipeg River located east of the East Beaches. However... closer to home, Grand Marais is the main village for servicing Grand Beach. For big box stores and major supplies and services travel south to Selkirk, Manitoba.