North Region
Manitoba, Canada

Northern Manitoba, Canada is a sightseeing and recreation destination surrounded by an untouched wilderness and wildlife environment complimented by the Northern Lights and surrounded by small northern communities, year round adventures, fly in lodges, resorts and outfitter camps.

The north of Manitoba, Canada is very well known as a wildlife refuge for many species of wildlife. The north is home to migrating birds seeking wetlands, marshes and bogs. It is the site of one of the largest polar bear denning areas in the world. There are caribou herds exploring the backcountry. And there are beluga whales calving in the waters of Churchill River.

Many of the larger communities, villages and towns located in the northern region of Manitoba, Canada act as base camps for many adventures. The communities of Churchill, Flin Flon, Cranberry Portage, Gillam, Norway House, Snow Lake, Thompson and The Pas are the main centres for accessing services and supplies when visiting the north.

The northern region is a diverse landscape. The central and south end of the region are decorated with boreal forests and thousands of lakes, wetlands and rivers. The far north of the region is covered in arctic tundra, taiga, muskegs, permafrost and peatlands.

Archeological research in the region has uncovered artifacts once belonging to the Cree, Inuit and Dene First Nation people dating back 3000 years. The region has a long history of survival in the far north.

Throughout the region there are museums telling stories from the past like the Heritage North Museum (Thompson), Sam Waller Museum (The Pas), Eskimo Museum (Churchill) and the Flin Flon Station Museum (Flin Flon).

Heritage buildings, historic trading posts and forts provide another glimpse into the past. Some of the historic sites in the region include the Cape Merry Battery, York Factory National Historic Site of Canada and the Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site of Canada.

The region provides a wide selection of accommodations to base your adventures from. There are resorts, fishing lodges, rustic cabins, cottage resorts, inns, guest ranches, B&Bs, campgrounds and remote outfitter camps. Some are fly-in access only.

Summer months in the north enjoy long days, plenty of sunlight and many different activities and adventures. During the summer some of the more popular activities include fishing, hunting, boating, water skiing, sailing, flightseeing, horseback riding, wind surfing, canoeing, kayaking, backpacking, swimming, biking, birdwatching, wildlife watching and picnicking.

Winter adventures of snow and ice are plentiful in the north as well. Some of the winter activities enjoyed in the region include snowmobiling, xc skiing, ice fishing, dog sledding, snowshoeing and sightseeing tours watching polar bears and the Northern Lights.

In the northern region there are some prime wilderness parks and nature areas to explore. Some of the more popular wilderness destinations in the region include Bakers Narrows Provincial Park, Caribou River Provincial Park, Clearwater Provincial Park, Grass River Provincial Park, Numaykoos Lake Provincial Park, Paint Lake Provincial Park, Pisew-Kwasitchewan Falls, Sand Lakes Provincial Park and the Wapusk National Park.

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