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Beausejour Manitoba
Adventure Travel - Canada

Beausejour is a recreation gateway community located in the Eastern region of Manitoba, Canada. The small community is one of the main access points for adventure and nature enthusiasts who are planning to visit and explore the Whiteshell Provincial Park.

Beausejour is french for, "a beautiful place to live." The community is situated on the edge of the grassland prairie region. Not far... to the east... is the entrance to the Whiteshell Provincial Park and the Canadian Shield and its many parks and lakes.

The main industries in Beausejour, Manitoba are tourism and agriculture. The surrounding farm fields is a good indication of agriculture in the region. There are crops growing with wheat, barley and other grains.

Because the community is a gateway to adventure and a service stop for travelers there are plenty of services in the community which are ideal for visitors. Some of the services include accommodations, campgrounds, restaurants, gas stations, banks, farmers market, outfitters, guides, golf courses, coffee shop, internet, fast food, gift shops, laundromat, sporting stores, liquor stores and pubs.

Events are a big part of the entertainment in the region. There is a racetrack in town for motocross and snowmobile races. There is a live theatre company, museums and a historic site.

The Manitoba Glass Works Historic Site is the site of the first glass container factory in Western Canada. It was built in 1906 and at one time employed over 300 people. Today, there are architectural remains on the site.

In the community of Beausejour, Manitoba the main activities enjoyed include golfing, racing, swimming, baseball, soccer and tennis. There are two main parks in the region - The Train Whistle Park (picnic park) and the Chryplywy Wilderness Park (walking trails).

However... many of the more popular wilderness adventures are best enjoyed in the neighboring Whiteshell Provincial Park. Some of the summer activities in the park include fishing, camping, swimming, hiking, horseback riding, canoeing, hunting and boating.

During the winter months the snow falls and the lakes and rivers freeze over. The trails and rivers transform into xc ski and snowmobile trails. During the peak of winter months the snowmobile is the preferred transportation of choice for getting around for some.