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Steinbach Manitoba
Adventure Travel - Canada

Steinbach is the retail, commercial and industrial hub servicing the Eastern region of Manitoba Canada. It is one of the bigger communities in the east... located east of Winnipeg just south off Highway #1 (Trans Canada Highway) near the Highway #12 and Route #52 junction.

The Ojibwa First Nation people were the first to hunt and live off the lands. Until in 1874 a group of German speaking Mennonite people arrived and settled in the region. The name Steinbach actually comes from the German language meaning, "stoney brook".

Today, in the community of Steinbach, there is a heritage village detailing the life and history of the Mennonite people. Because of the Mennonite village, Steinbach is a historic destination for many.

The geography of Steinbach is flat and covered with grasslands and farm fields. The community is located on the eastern outskirts of the prairie grasslands. To the southwest is the boreal forest and to the east is the Canadian Shield.

Popular Activities

Activities enjoyed in the region around Steinbach include golfing, sky diving, walking, biking, cycling, jogging, picnicking, volleyball, soccer, baseball and rollerblading. During the winter months the activities enjoyed include xc skiing, snowmobiling and tobogganing.

Parks & Places

Local parks and green space areas in Steinbach include the A.D. Penner Park, L.A. Barkman Kinsmen Park, K.R. Barkman Park and the E.A. Friesen Park. They are picnic parks, garden parks and some soccer and baseball parks.

Steinbach is a gateway to the parks. The larger wilderness parks nearby provide many year round adventures. To the east of the community is the Sandilands Provincial Forest, to the south is the Manitoba Tall Grass Prairie Reserve and to the east is the Whiteshell Provincial Park.

Locally... the community trails in town connect to facilities, parks and recreation. Most are well signed with maps posted at many of the main trailheads. There are trail sections which are paved and ideal for rollerblading, wheelchairs and baby strollers. Trails are shared with biking and jogging.

Steinbach trails are level, easy going and suitable for all ages. Trails include the Green Loop (6.3 kms), Red Loop (4.0 kms), Orange Loop (4.6 kms), Black Loop (5.0 kms), Blue Loop (1.9 kms), Burgundy Loop (9.8 kms) and the Purple Loop (5.4 kms).