Pembina Valley
Manitoba, Canada

The Pembina Valley is located in the southern section of Manitoba, Canada. The main communities in the Pembina Valley Region include Altona, Carman, Manitou, Morden, Morris and Winkler.

The Pembina Valley Region is a diverse landscape consisting of rolling hills, river valleys, farmlands, grazing pastures, sandy beaches, wildflower meadows, lakes, reservoirs, prairie grasslands and forests of aspen, oak, poplar and birch trees.

The region has a long history. Much of it recorded in the museums and research centres in the area. There are museums of history housing information and artifacts about agriculture, railroad, pioneers, religion, First Nation, settlers, writers and dairy. There are interpretive centres like the Red River Valley Flood Centre (Ste. Agathe) and Dinosaur Fossil Discovery Centre (Morden).

Throughout the region there are heritage buildings and historic sites remembering the first settlements in the region. There are buildings like the 1927 Ste Therese Chapel (Cardinal), 1884 log cabin (Manitou), 1876 Fairbanks Home (Emerson), 1878 Nellie McClung House (La Riviere), 1886 Star Mound School (Snowflake) and the 1901 Arlington Hotel, 1890 AP Braun Home and the 1885 Gothic Revival Church (Morden).

There are many small villages and towns in the Pembina Valley. Many host events, festivals and concerts every year. There are folk festivals, triathlons, music festivals, harvest festivals and specialty events like the corn and apple festival (Morden), Manitoba stampede (Morris), sunflower festival (Altona), Plumfest (Plum Coulee) and the potatoe and fiddle festival (Carman).

Celebrating art and culture is nothing new to the communities of Pembina Valley. Art and culture is on display in the parks, on street corners, in galleries and on buildings. There are towns with art centres, theatres, art parks, amphitheaters, outdoor stages, cairns, sculptures and murals.

Depending on your destination when exploring the Pembina Valley Region there are communities with parks and trails connecting to beaches, lakes, rivers, walking trails, gardens, fountains and recreation facilities.

Not all parks are located in the communities. The two wilderness parks located in the backcountry fertile hills of the region popular for adventure are the Pembina Valley Provincial Park and Stephenfield Provincial Park.

During the summer months some of the adventures enjoyed in the Pembina Valley Region include golfing, birdwatching, sightseeing, flightseeing, hiking, picnicking, swimming, boating, biking, fishing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing and camping.

In the winter months, after the snow falls and the rivers and lakes freeze over, activities in the region include ice fishing, xc skiing and snowmobiling. Near the community of Manitou, Manitiba is Holiday Mountain which is a downhill ski and snowboard destination.

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