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Road Cycling in Manitoba, Canada provides an opportunity to explore the province for a day or for weeks. There are many paved back country roads and long stretches of highway to cycle. Many of them flat and easy going. Many of the larger communities in Manitoba, Canada have cycling clubs and community trails within city limits. 



The community cycling trails often connect to local parks, picnic areas, attractions, downtowns, recreation facilities, and much more. Often these cycling trail systems are shared trails with hiking, jogging and rollerblading. Outside the city limits are longer cycling routes following paved highways. Some are one way cycling routes but most are designed as touring loop routes. Many follow good paved roads - some with wide shoulders and biking lanes.

Popular Cycling Routes in Manitoba, Canada 

Parkland Region:

The Four Valley Cycle Tour is a 2-3 day, 100 kilometre loop cycle route near Roblin and Inglis, Manitoba. It is a scenic ride following the shores of the Lake of the Prairies while exploring 4 valleys.

Interlake Region:

Birds Hill Provincial Park located south of the community of Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada. Includes a paved 7 kilometre cycle route called the Pine Ridge Cycle Trail which explores around a lake. Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park near the village of Gull Harbour, Manitoba. The 19 kilometre return route travels the paved roads from Gull Harbour to Hecla Village following the shores of Lake Winnipeg.

Winnipeg Region:

A highway route popular for cycling in and around the Winnipeg region is the 40 kilometre bike ride from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Lockporte, Manitoba and back.

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