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Manitoba, Canada dog sledding is a popular winter activity best enjoyed in the far north of the province. It provides an opportunity to sightsee the wilderness backcountry of northern Manitoba during the snow season.

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Dog sledding is a traditional form of transportation dating back to the early days of the Inuit First Nation people. There are various types of dog sledding adventures available in Manitoba provided by local tour companies. Dog sledding sightseeing tours can range from a 2 hour sledding adventure to a multi day adventure with winter wilderness camping.

Manitoba Dog Sledding Tours and Guides

There are tours where a trained musher (guide) does the sledding while you bundle up and enjoy the sights... and there are tours where you are the musher, driving the sled and managing the dogs under the supervision of an experienced and knowledgeable guide.

Manitoba dog sledding companies provide all that you require for a sledding experience including lessons, equipment and an interpretive guide. On overnight trips often the accommodations and meals are included. Accommodations vary from comfortable backcountry lodges to roughing it in wilderness campsites.

Most of the Manitoba dog sledding companies operate from the community of Churchill, Manitoba in the far north of the province.

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