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Lake of the Prairies is located near the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border - situated west of the community of Inglis; south of the community of Roblin and north of the community of Russell, Manitoba, Canada.

Lake of the Prairies is a man-made lake measuring 67 kilometres long. It is one of the larger lakes in the western half of the province and one of the more popular recreation destinations in the region for water sports.

Lake of the Prairies was created in 1968 after the construction of the Shellmouth Dam on the Assiniboine River. The Assiniboine and Shell Rivers are the two rivers which are prominent in the region. Geographical historical research shows that both rivers helped form the valleys of the region during a period of glaciation.

The Asessippi Provincial Park is located on the southern section of the lake. Only 6 kilometres of the lake, actually, falls within the park boundaries. The park is a launching point for many of the water activities enjoyed on the lake.

Some of the water activities include boating, water skiing, windsurfing, sunbathing, swimming and fishing. There is a boat launch in the park and a fishing dock. Fishing is for walleye, northern pike and perch. There are canoe and boat rentals on the lake. Canoes come in handy for those who enjoy river paddle routes like the Assiniboine and Shell Rivers.

The lake attracts many waterfowl, songbirds and predator birds to the area. Some of the birds sighted on and near the lake include the sandhill crane, prairie horned lark, American white pelican, warbler, great blue heron, vireo, belted kingfisher, nighthawk, rose-breasted grosbeak, grebe and various species of owls and ducks.

The paved roads which surround the 67 kilometre long Lake of the Prairies are also very popular for cycling. So much so the cycle route has a name. The Four Valley Cycle Tour is a 100 kilometre multi-day cycle loop route which explores 4 valleys around the lake and connects to communities and campgrounds.

Lake of the Prairies, Inglis, Manitoba, Canada, Parkland Region


Lake of the Prairies
Hwy #482

How To Get ToLake of the Prairies

From Inglis, Manitoba travel west on Hwy #366. Take a left at Hwy #83 (signs to Russell Manitoba) and travel south to Hwy #482 and take a right. Continue to travel west to Lake of the Prairies.
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