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Snowboarding and downhill skiing in Manitoba, Canada is a winter activity enjoyed between the months of December and April - weather permitting. Downhill skiing is alive and well in Manitoba, Canada. Many of the ski resorts are equipped with chair lifts for accessing the top of the ski runs. Some have t-bars and handle tows servicing the ski runs.

Getting Some Air! Snowboarding in Manitoba, Canada

Snowboard terrain parks located in some of the ski resorts include structures like table tops, rails, drops, wedge jumps, rollers, lifts and pipes. Most of the downhill ski and snowboard destinations provide the basic services for snow sports like lessons and equipment rentals. Some of the hills provide lodges and food services.

Manitoba Canada Ski and Snowboard Destinations

The Asessippi Ski Hill is located in the parkland region of the province near the community of Inglis, Manitoba. It has 25 ski runs and a terrain park.

The Falcon Ridge Ski Hill is located in the eastern region of the province in the Whiteshell Provincial Park. It has 11 runs and a terrain park.

The Holiday Mountain Ski Hill is located in the Pembina Valley region of near the community of La Riviere. It has 11 runs and a terrain park.

The Ski Valley Ski Hill is located just west of the community of Neepawa, Manitoba. It has 9 runs.

Stony Mountain Ski Area is located north of the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba. It has 6 runs.

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