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Please send resume in a .pdf format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(attachment of any other format will not be considered for employment) 

Please read entire career description for details on what to include with your application and how to apply correctly.

Like to travel? Like to sell? Like to meet new people? Do good phone? Excited about the tourism industry? Are you fit so to explore outdoor activities?  Are you not afraid of being on the road. And... most importantly can you work hard with little supervision, offer no excuses and are determined to hit targets. 

We are looking for special type of people to grow our company with. People who are determined to succeed. People who understand growing a business is hard work. People who want to be a part of a great story and assist us in growing our company into the first coast-to-coast-to-coast booking, planning and interactive travel and adventure website in Canada.  

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? When knocked down do you get right back up? If yes to all of these we should talk. We are offering an ideal opportunity for those looking to start or further a career in travel, adventure and tourism.   

To start in our company all must begin with front line sales. You hit the road within 300 kilometres of your home, you stay in accommodations, you go on attractions, you go out with guides, you meet the tourism businesses and you sell. We need to see who the warriors are, so everyone starts in sales, and showcases their abilities and loyalty.

If you cannot sell our product, this is not for you. You have to talk the talk before you walk the walk. Grab a coffee and phone tourism businesses making appointments for your upcoming visit to their community. This position requires an individual with good communication skills, discipline and is highly motivated.  

Who is ehCanadaTravel.com : ehCanadaTravel.com is the largest privately owned travel & adventure website in Canada and the fastest growing as we are currently expanding into Eastern and Atlantic Canada. Currently we have over 2600+ tourism listings participating and have been featured recently on CBC (twice), Huffington Post, Canada.com, Yukon Today, Travel TV, Travel Industry Today, Cottage Life Magazine and many local media outlets. We are Canada's only Social Travel, Content Marketing, privately owned national website for booking, planning travel from coast to coast to (almost) coast.

Career Description :

The primary responsibility (1) sales increasing Tourism Memberships (2) Travel throughout region and possibly Canada in the future based on results and if it fits within your goals.

You are employed as an independent contractor (IC): Be your own boss. An independent contractor is like a self-employed business. Independent contractors reap many rewards that regular wage earners may never experience. 

You are the master of your own economic fate. You make as much as the effort you put in. Being an IC also provides you with many tax benefits that are not available to employees. IC allows you to claim any valid expenses needed to operate your self employed business in accordance with the Canada Revenue Agency's (CRA) guidelines.


  • Make sales targets
  • Travel Extensively
  • Maintain your online database.

Income : travel gas expense, accommodations plus commissions (current Tourism Ambassadors have made $400 a day on road trips)

Terms of Employment :

(1) Training includes studying work materials and then traveling alongside a current Tourism Ambassador learning the procedures and sales techniques. 

(2) One year contract with the option for 1 -3 year contract renewal and advancement opportunities based on results. Important: All new hires must complete a 2 month probation period for evaluation after training is complete before 1 year contract is validated.

Job Requirements


  • Strong Sales
  • Strong Phone Booking Skills for Setting up Appointments


  •  Fighter Attitude;
  • Disciplined;
  • Rejection Hardened;
  • Confident;
  • Quick Learner;
  • Determined to succeed.

Entitlement to work in Canada: eh Canada Travel & Adventure reserves the right to require that you provide proof of your legal entitlement to work in Canada at any time.

Application Process:

Email Resumes (.pdf attachments only): 

Send us an email and in the subject line of the email include "Tourism Ambassador Application". 

(1) Include a cover letter;

(2) CV (resume) with contact information;

(3) Inlcude skype handle for initial interview and training;

(4) Bonus Hint: Guarateed interview when video attached. Include who you are, your hobbies, what skills you bring and WHY we should hire you? Show some personality.

Your resume which should include your contact information, job history and current employment situation, adventure hobbies and the skills you will be bringing to ehCanadaTravel.com. (attachment of any other format will not be considered for employment) If you do not consider this important enough to send your application in a .pdf format tells us about your attention to details and seriousness. 

If your submission is selected we will contact you for an interview via Skype. Selected applicants will begin training via email, phone and Skype. Once completed the training continues on the road with a current Tourism Ambassador. Good luck!