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Hell or High Water Telethon - Episode 1 or 6 with your host Greg Girard

By EH Canada Marketing Group in Canada 1194 views 22nd Mar, 2022 Video Duration: N/A
Hell or High Water Telethon Fundraiser with your host Greg Girard from 10am to Noon (pdt). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3-Stgh84g0
1 of 6 episode. The line up of musicians and guests includes Lower Nicola First Nation Dance and Drumming, Sean Hogan, Jetty Road Band, Lindsay Lockhart, Dan Albas, Chilliwack, Leslee Lucy, Patricia Conroy, Chris Flynn, Chris Buck, Kevin Falcon, Jackie Tegart, Taylor James, Loverboy and the The Abrams. Please give. Surely this effort has earned your generosity.

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