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Brigus Tunnel Adventure in Newfoundland Canada

By Cora Lee Rennie in Newfoundland 888 views 6th May, 2023 Video Duration: N/A   Brigus, NL A0A, Canada

The Historic Brigus Tunnel is located in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada - the land of fish and seals. The tunnel was a reminder of the history of the Labrador fishery and seal hunt. The large tunnel was impressively cut through solid bedrock, creating a passage to the sea.  In fact, the historic tunnel was actually built for famous Captain Abram Bartlett. Captain Bartlett made frequent fishing trips to Labrador but due to a crowded local harbour in Brigus, would often have trouble finding a wharf or dock to unload his catch. Hence a tunnel was created. 

The historical tunnel is reported to have taken around four months of hard labour to complete. The cave measured eight and a half feet high and about eight feet wide to allow wheel barrows, wagons, and even horse and carriages to access the wharf at the other side. The passageway was used until around 1910 and is now accessible to anyone who would like to venture through and imagine they are living in old time Brigus Newfoundland - the land of fish and seal. 

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