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Coquihalla Highway between Hope and Merritt British Columbia

By Diana Mohrsen in British Columbia 486 views 27th Sep, 2023 Video Duration: N/A   Coquihalla Hwy, British Columbia, Canada

The Coquihalla Highway cuts over and around the Northern Canadian Cascade mountain range. When you leave Hope, there is a 120 km stretch of highway with no service stations. This is a wilderness setting. There is a restroom stop with a food truck but other than that you'll see are trees and traffic. 

The town of Hope is near sea level. In less than 50 km driving, you will have gained over a kilometer in elevation. That's a long uphill climb. 

On this trip I noticed an overpass and a pulloff so I investigated. This overpass is only one way, and for trucks only. I suspect it has something to do with road maintenance crews. I parked my car, walked up a short access road and took a chance that the overpass might afford me a good view of the highway. 

This video gives a short glimpse of British Columbia wilderness as seen from the Coquihalla Highway. 

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