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Chasm Provincial Park off Hwy 97 near Clinton British Columbia

Chasm Provincial Park is like a smaller version of the grand canyon, yet in all the many years living in British Columbia I had not heard of it. Heading south on Highway 97 from overnighting in Williams Lake, I saw a very small sign marked Chasm. I wasn't in a rush so thought I'd explore. It was a short drive off the highway. There I was stunned to find a huge chasm that is 8 km long. It's 600 metres (2,000 ft.) wide and 300 metres (980 ft.) deep. Erosion shows a history of the past 10 million years. Successive lava flows have formed, and are clearly visible on the steep canyon walls. 

Signage told me the chasm was created at the end of the last ice age. Apparently bighorn sheep inhabit the chasm walls but I did not see any during my visit. This day, unfortunately, was overcast with intermittent rain showers, not the best day to be taking a video. 

The park was established in 1940 to protect Painted Chasm as the place was known as originally. It was expanded in 1995 and now covers 3,067 ha. 

This is such an interesting and dramatic place to visit. It should be on every visitor's must see list. I intend tp revisit it some sunny day in the future. 

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