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Owl Banding at Long Point Bird Observatory in Long Point Ontario Canada

I recently visited the Long Point Bird Observatory in Long Point, Ontario, Canada, and had the opportunity to observe their fall Northern Saw-Whet owl migration monitoring program. Each night of the owl migration monitoring program, owls are captured in nets as they approach a playback system which broadcasts the call of the Saw-Whet Owl. Banding starts an hour after sunset and depending on how many owls they collect on their net runs, can sometimes run late into the night. We were excited when the Long Point Bird Observatory team started to bring in Northern Saw-Whet Owls on each of their net runs. The team was happy to answer questions as they explained how they monitored these cute little birds. The researchers gently banded the owls, recorded valuable data, and released them back into the night. Throughout the evening, we had the privilege of witnessing the banding process and learning about the critical migration research conducted at the observatory. It was such a neat experience to connect with these remarkable creatures in their natural habitat at the Long Point Bird Observatory in Ontario, Canada. A big thank-you to Brent Ferrie for the use of some of his photos and videos in this presentation.

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