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Feeding Adorable Goats at Farm on the Lake in Georgian Bluffs Ontario

During our visit to Georgian Bluffs, we had the pleasure of being introduced to Goat Village at Farm on the Lake, thanks to our dear friends Julie and Jim. This delightful sanctuary offers a unique and immersive experience for goat enthusiasts.

At Goat Mountain, you can purchase hay to feed the goats, providing you with an interactive and hands-on encounter with these adorable creatures. Alternatively, head over to "Kid" Village, where you can pet and play with the goats, creating memorable moments of joy.

Don't forget to explore the self-serve gift shop, where you can find souvenirs to commemorate your visit.

If you're seeking a way to destress and stay connected with the goats even after your visit, consider tuning in to the online live streams, where you can watch these charming animals from the comfort of your home. For an even more engaging experience, you can participate in their Online Feeding Session for just $10.


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