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Chi-Cheemaun Ferry crossing from Manitoulin Island to Tobermory

After a fun day exploring Manitoulin Island, we took the evening crossing on the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry from South Baymouth to Tobermory, which is located at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. It was Jeff's first time on this ferry and most of the video was recorded by him.

During the summer months, I highly recommend buying your tickets in advance. Especially, if you are taking the last ferry of the day. The Ferry runs from mid-May to mid-Oct.

While driving scenic Hwy 6 to South Baymouth, make sure to stop in Little Current. The swing bridge opens on the hour and is worth stopping to see. Factor in an extra 15 mins for your drive, in case you are stopped for this.

Click this link to see my video of the swing bridge.

You need to arrive at least an hour before the departure time. The boarding process is well organized and there are a few shops, restaurants and a food truck that you can get food and souvenirs from while waiting.

Once you drive onto the ferry, you park and leave your vehicle on the car deck. You aren't allowed to return to your car during the crossing so, make sure to grab everything you need. I ran back for a sweater as it's cooler on deck.

The sailing was smooth and offered spectacular views of Georgian Bay. The crossing is 40 km and takes about an hour and 45 minutes.

Onboard, there is a cafeteria, bar, gift shop, art gallery and Tourist Info Desk. But, they close early when you are on the evening crossing so, go as soon as you board.

Once we arrived at Tobermory, we were directed off the ferry in an orderly fashion and drove off to explore the Bruce Peninsula. 

Happy Exploring :)


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