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Raising Stars Preschool | Davidsons Orchards

By Samantha Sewell in Canada 1101 views 5th Nov, 2022 Video Duration: N/A   3111 Davison Rd, Vernon, BC V1H 1A2, Canada
**All Minors have parental permission to be posted*
Davidsons Orchard field trips are a right-ave passage for Vernon Children.
Featuring a petting/feeding zoo, a Tractor ride, and of course, the pumpkin patch!! The children of Raising Stars Preschool really enjoyed their time at the playground, and picking out the pumpkins!
P.S the city bus system up here has changed and is not what it says online; get the Bus Pmplet if you are needing to take the bus, we made this mistake and ended up on the wrong bus and missing the return bus.

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  • Sarah Stewart
    This looks like a great trip! Many memories made!
  • Certainly a bunch of happy pre schoolers! Looks like a great trip!
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