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Saskatchewan (The Great Trail, Cathedrals, overtaking houses and best view in CAN)

By Erlendur in Saskatchewan 1533 views 23rd Mar, 2021 Video Duration: N/A
Good d'eh,

the journey continues. With that new episode I am entering the Canadian province of Saskatchewan (SK). A boring province in the Prairies. The roads are just straight, dusty, endless with nothing interesting left or right.
Well...not quite. Most people just drive through SK on the Trans-Canada Highway, which apparently is quite boring. Many Trans-Canada cyclists choose this route too. Why? I really don't know, because if you take the scenic route (a.k.a. Trans-Canada Trail / The Great Trail) SK has a lot to offer. OK, some improvements have to be done on the trail, but apart from that...

...various Provincial Parks look and feel like oases in the dry Prairie landscape. The sky is endless, the land anyway. Many "Cathedrals" can be found in small, charming villages.

And...let me present my personal, favourite view of my Trans-Canada trip. I already spoiled it with the thumbnail of my video below. But there is more to see.


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