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The 2nd part of MB (Over rough and smooth on The Great Trail and German cheese cake)

By Erlendur in Manitoba 1622 views 16th Mar, 2021 Video Duration: N/A
From Winnipeg I went South all the way to the US border on the "Crow Wing Trail". A historical trail but very difficult to ride, nevertheless interesting. At the border, which is only a ditch, I turned West and went through a part of Manitoba, where you still can find German heritage and people speaking a German dialect, which is impossible for me to understand. Crazy, isn't it?
I went on and off The Great Trail, for it was partly a torture and not worth the effort. However, I went through the same region as the trail, therefore I did not miss anything. And that is the main reason I am doing this. The trail is a guide into regions less travelled.

The trail runs North after a while, crosses the Trans Canada HWY. I felt like being in those "frog-crosses-road" games, trying to find a gap to cross that busiest four lane HWY Canadas.
Long stretches of just straight dirt roads and some more unmaintained old rail trails. I skipped a part of the trail in order to visit Riding Mountain National Park, definitely worth a detour. I met incredibly friendly people and crossed into Sasketchewan on the scenic Crocus Trail.

Link to the overview map of my route:

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