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Kasan First Nation Village in Old Hazelton, British Columbia, Canada is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit with the history, art and culture of the Gitxsan First Nation people.
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Babine Lake is located near the communities of Smithers, Telkwa, Burns Lake, and Houston. The popular lake rests next to the Babine Mountains and is the longest and largest natural lake in British Columbia, Canada spanning 177 kilometres long (110 miles).
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A visit to the Village of Old Hazelton is a trip back in time when the Skeena River was the lifeblood of the area. The village is a reconstructed pioneer town complete with a Trading Post, Barber Shop, Cafe and City Hall buildings plus a sternwheeler on display on the Skeena River.
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The Hagwilget Canyon Bridge is a sightseeing spectacle that some miss unfortunately when touring, because they did not know it existed near the Village of New Hazelton, British Columbia, Canada. The bridge is a spectacular viewing area for overseeing the Hagwilget Canyon and the Bulkley River.
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Glacier Gulch Trail in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada can be a muddy, steep hiking experience navigating rock cliffs and the muddy slopes up to the glacier on Hudson Bay Mountain. From the glacier, the views open right up looking out over the surrounding valley and providing views of Hudson Bay
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The hiking trail route involves navigating some very steep sections and requires some level of fitness. But... the good news is that all is worth it because from the peak there are views of the valley below and the Smithers townsite.
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The 2331 metre mountain is decorated in trails, bluffs, forests, valleys, ridges and meadows attracting hikers and mountain bikers in the summer and xc skiers, snowboarders, downhill skiers and snowshoers in the winter.
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The 21 hectare park is located just south of the Babine Mountains Provincial Park. In 1967 the park was created because of discovery of fossils embedded in the rock on the east side of Dawson Creek.
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The Smithers Community Forest enjoys an interpretive nature loop trail that explores different ecological habitats and leads to the Pine Creek Cross-Country Ski Trails neighboring the Ski Smithers Ski Hill.
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A wilderness outdoor playground enjoyed by many located north of the community of Smithers. Year round, people travel to the Babine Mountains Provincial Park to explore one of the many trails in the region leading to majestic mountain peaks, valley meadows, alpine forests, rivers and lakes.
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Telkwa Village is a small riverfront community on the shores of the Bulkley and Telkwa Rivers, east of the community of Smithers, BC., Canada. The Village of Telkwa is rich in history, close to major adventure parks, activity destinations, rivers and lakes.
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Moricetown Canyon is the home of the Wet'suwet'en First Nation people - one of the five First Nation communities located on or near Hwy 16. The main attraction is the Bulkley River, the Morice Canyon, the fish ladders and the wooden fish huts used for fishing.
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Part of a massive trail network exploring the lower slopes of Hudson Bay Mountain, especially the south facing slopes called the Smithers Community Forest.
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The Perimeter Trail is 13 kilometres long and follows the shores of the Bulkley River, Chicken Creek and Kathlyn Creek. The footpath is an excellent way to explore the many community parks and designated green space in the Smithers region.
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The park is surrounded by trees, backed by mountains and situated in a rural neighborhood. Being that is so close to the community of Smithers, BC it is visited by many during the summer months for swimming, canoeing and fishing.
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