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Moricetown Canyon in Moricetown, British Columbia, Canada is the home of the Wet'suwet'en First Nation people - one of the five First Nation communities located on or near Hwy 16. The main attraction is the Bulkley River, the Morice Canyon, the fish ladders and the wooden fish huts used by the First Nation people for fishing.

Moricetown is located on Highway 16 between Smithers and Terrace, BC. It is easy to recognize the canyon and village by the pull-out lookout located on the highway looking down into the canyon. On most days there are cars and campers crowding the pull-out for a peek at the canyon and maybe at the First Nation people fishing.

Moricetown Village is located on the shores of the mighty Bulkley River located west of Smithers BC. Here Moricetown Canyon transforms into a chute at one point on the Bulkley River. The rock cliffs of the canyon start to converge, eventually tightening and squeezing the river into a 1/4 mile wide rock crevice creating white water rapids.

The high canyon shoreline of the Bulkley River provides many opportunities to view the Moricetown Canyon from up high and from down low. There is a wooden bridge crossing over the canyon to the opposite shore of the highway. There you will find a viewing bench and short trail leading down to the river.

Some people stay on the highway side of the canyon and walk down to explore the cement fish ladders, fisherman huts by walking the wooden blanks acting as bridges over the river. If the season is right there might be an opportunity to meet and greet with the First Nation fisherman as they catch fish - if they are out on that day.

Time your visit right and view the Moricetown Canyon at its best (during high run off season) when the Bulkley River is all about white water - crashing and smashing its way down into the canyon creating some fantastic kodak moments.

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Moricetown Canyon
Highway 16

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Moricetown Canyon is located 30 km west of Smithers and 31 km east of Hazelton, BC on the main highway of the region known as Highway 16. Follow the signs. Cannot miss the community.
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