Twin Falls


Trail Length: 1 km

Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:

Twin Falls in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada is a must see natural attraction in the Bulkley Valley near Smithers, British Columbia, Canada. Twin Falls attracts people of all ages to the area every year so they can get a glimpse of the side-by-side, brother and sister waterfalls. Yes, there are two waterfalls cascading over rock bluffs and crashing to the ground. All in plain sight from the viewing platform located at the end of a very short trail.

The hiking trail follows a wide gravel footpath from the parking lot to a wooden lookout platform. The footpath follows a ridge above a tumbling creek created by the run off water from the waterfalls. The trail, although short, is uphill and can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to reach the platform.

At various points along the trail there are hand rails to assist walkers and to protect people from the edge of the ridge. At one point, half way up the trail, there is a resting bench. It is a good place to stop to rest as it is the only level area on the hiking path before the final push to the viewpoint.

From the viewpoint both waterfalls are in full view. From the lookout, there is a rough hiking trail leading through the mountain shrubbery to the base of the waterfalls. Be careful as the trail becomes more slippery and unreliable. The trail is rocky, with exposed roots and boulders and is not as well maintained as the trail to the viewpoint.

It is not only the twin waterfalls that attract people to the area. Oh, no... the region is lucky to have two hikes starting from the same parking lot. There is the one to Twin Falls and a second, more challenging hike named the Glacier Gulch Trail.

The gulch hiking trail explores the mountain all the way to the top of the falls and onto a glacier. This trail is no easy feat. The hike is challenging, the weather changes and the temperatures drop on the glacier quickly. This adventure hike requires preparation.

At the recreation site where the parking lot is located there is a fire pit, access to the creek and a picnic area under the trees shaded from the sun. From the parking lot take the main trail to Twin Falls.

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Twin Falls
Glacier Gulch Road

How To Get ToTwin Falls

Travel Highway 16 west of Smithers, British Columbia, Canada for about 4 kilometres and take a left. Follow the signs to "Glacier Gulch and Twin Falls". Turn left from Hwy 16 onto Lake Kathlyn Road. Continue driving crossing over the railway tracks and turn left on Glacier Gulch Road. The recreation site and parking lot is ahead.
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