Simpson's Gulch Trail


Trail Length: 5-6 km

Difficulty: Difficult
Park Amenities:

Simpson's Gulch Trail in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada is part of a network of four hiking and walking trails exploring the northeast slope of Hudson Bay Mountain. The trail system is one of the more popular hiking destinations in the Bulkley Valley region providing hikers a good opportunity to view small wildlife, birds and the community of Smithers from high above.

Simpson's Gulch Trail is really more of an access route connecting to, either, the Ski Smithers downhill ski and snowboard resort or to the Hudson Bay Mountain south peak. The route involves navigating some very steep sections and requires some level of fitness. But... the good news is that all is worth it because from the peak there are views of the valley below and the Smithers townsite.

The trail leads up to the "the prairie" (an alpine meadow at the tree line) and then continues for another 4-5 hours to the south peak on Hudson Bay Mountain. This is no easy hike and all hikers should be well prepared with adequate water, footwear, a good trail map (pick up at local information centre) and plenty of common sense.

The northeast slope of Hudson Bay Mountain is filled with many trails exploring the region. When it comes to the Simpson's Gulch Trail, it merges with other trails including the Bluff Trail (45 minute walk) which leads to a viewpoint, the Duthie Trail and the Dahlie Creek Trail (2 hour hike).

Many of the hikes connect, so please make sure your routes are clear and you have a car waiting for you at the right exit point on the mountain. Exploring the whole region can take days. Plan accordingly based on weather and available daylight hours.

Explore Simpson's Gulch Trail on Hudson Bay Mountain in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada



Simpson's Gulch Trail
Zobnick Rd

How To Get ToSimpson's Gulch Trail

From Highway 16 turn south onto Toronto Street and continue down the road taking a right onto Railway Ave. At the end of the street turn left on Zobnick Rd, cross the railway tracks and continue straight leading to the Simpson's Gulch Trailhead parking lot.(take a left after the railroad tracks would lead to the Bluff Trailhead)
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