Hagwilget Canyon

New Hazelton

Park Amenities:

The Hagwilget Canyon Bridge is a sightseeing spectacle that some miss unfortunately when touring, because they did not know it existed near the Village of New Hazelton, British Columbia, Canada. The bridge is a spectacular viewing area for overseeing the Hagwilget Canyon and the Bulkley River.

From various vantage points on and near the Hagwilget Canyon Bridge one is treated with some beautiful views of nature and wilderness. What helps with the views is that the bridge is one of the highest in North America. It drops 80 metres (262 feet) down from the bridge to the Bulkley River.

According to records, this is the fourth bridge in a long line of bridges. Yes, it is very high above the canyon. Yes, it is off the beaten sightseeing track. But... compared to the previous bridges this one is a good bet.

Visit the Hagwilget Canyon Bridge, near Hazelton, British Columbia, Canada.


Hagwilget Canyon
Highway 62
New Hazelton

How To Get ToHagwilget Canyon

Travel Highway 16 (Yellowhead Hwy) to New Hazelton, BC. Ay New Hazelton exit onto Highway 62. Continue a short distance to the bridge and canyon.
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