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Prince George, BC, Canada

Prince George, B.C., Canada is the largest community and the main transportation hub servicing the northern communities of B.C., Canada. The community is situated where two powerful rivers converge - the mighty Nechako and Fraser Rivers - and two major highways merge - Hwy 16 and Hwy 97.

Prince George, BC Photo GalleryThe rivers, lakes, mountains, wetlands, marshes and the forest regions surrounding Prince George, Canada creates an ideal environment for outdoor activities with wildlife viewing opportunities. Within the community there is a plenty to do outdoors while visiting one of the many parks and exploring the trails.

Prince George is a year round recreation destination. In the winter months, the mountains, meadows, trails and parks transform into winter recreation destinations for those who enjoy cross country (xc) skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing, ice fishing, snowmobiling and ice climbing.

In the summer when the mountains are green, rivers are alive and the lakes are serene the region attracts many people interested in hiking, fishing, tubing, boating, bird watching, canoeing, mountain biking, cycling, kayaking, horseback riding, wilderness backpacking, off roading and golfing.

Some of the parks and trails in the region provide valley views from mountain tops while others provide forested routes to lakes and creeks with interpretive signs. Teapot Mountain is a popular hiking destination providing jaw dropping 360 degree views of the surrounding wilderness lakes, rivers and forests. In town the Forests For The World is a network of interpretive trails leading to 2 viewing platforms and lakes.

Prince George also provides a good opportunity to take a step back in time. North of the community is an early 1900s settlement named the Huble Homestead. An early attempt by the pioneers of the region to settle down in the north during the gold rush days servicing the miners and trappers from the Giscome Heritage Trail trailhead.

The Northern, British Columbia, Canada wilderness region is home to many species of wildlife. The vast forest, the many lakes and rivers provide the ideal conditions for wildlife to live. The wildlife in the region includes the Black and Grizzly Bear, moose, Bald Eagle, deer, cougar, caribou, coyote, wolf and much more.

eh! Plan to Visit Prince George, BC today.